Friday, September 09, 2005

I wanted to post this entry the other day, but I needed to supply photographic evidence to bolster my argument, and that proved to be way too technically challenging to my Photoshop skills. Never mind that this is an extremely easy thing to do.

So last weekend I saw the movie The Constant Gardner. Good flick.

What caught my eye, however, was a preview for the film North Country, about a woman who "wanted to make a living" but, instead, "made history." It stars Charlize Theron as a heroic woman who wears a lot of flannel and has flat hair. Also, she's one of the few female workers in a mostly-male work environment: a mine.

Naturally, she gets harrassed, attacked and is shunned by her fellow workers. Will her spirit be crushed, or will she stand up for herself and try to get another Oscar?

If you've been following the Oscars over the past five years or so, you'll notice a trend: beautiful actresses who ugly themselves up for a part, tend to win awards.

Let's review:

Hilary Swank + fake penis = Oscar
Halle Barry + no makeup = Oscar
Nicole Kidman + large fake nose = Oscar
Charlize Theron + bad skin and murderous tendencies = Oscar
Hilary Swank + man sport = Oscar

Will Charlize be able to parlay a dingy jumpsuit into another Oscar?

You tell me.


Laura Swisher said...

Two entries. Just testing a few things.

Butternut said...

You know what, when there is one entry it says "One Entries". How weak is that?