Saturday, September 10, 2005

Interviewing Ron Zonen

We've got prosecuter Ron Zonen in the studio today so I'm trying to come up with questions for him that won't make me look stupid. So far I've got:

1) Who do you think will win on the reality show "Shall We Dance"?

2) What's your favorite Michael Jackson song?

3) When you were prosecuting Michael Jackson, did you happen to get his autograph?
3b: If you got his autograph, can I buy it off you?

4) What kind of car do you drive?

5) Do defense attorneys generally buy better cars than prosecutors on account of the fact that their clients can afford to pay the big bucks?
5b Do you get jealous if your colleagues have nicer cars?

6) What's your address and home phone number?

7) If you were to guesstimate, how many times do you think you've yelled out, "OBJECTION, YOUR HONOR!!!"

I'm going to try and come up with some more.


Sean said...

Home come he didn't make Michael try on the glove?

Tim said...

I beleive you've already asked him your questions but you could have asked him "do you wanna be startin somethin?"

Butternut said...

Is Michael really the King of Pop?

If he is the King, does that make Prince the Prince of Pop or Prince of another nation of music?

When choosing the jury did you ask them "Would you automatically feel someone is guilty because they don't like Pepsi?"

Did Michael really turn into one of the zombies from the Thriller video?

How many licks does Michael take to get to the center of a ... oh never mind.

Would you take your kids to Neverland?

Would you take your kids to Disneyland and leave them unsupervised with Mickey Mouse?

How about if Mickey had been brought up on charges of molestation multiple times?

Would you consider prosecuting other parents who did?

Real question: Do you carry a gun? (PA's are allowed to get concealed carry permits).

Vert said...

Well, you could have asked if he tried the Jesus juice. Also you could have asked why wasn't Bubbles subpoenaed?

Idea Assassin said...

How about why can't prosecutors get their heads out of their asses and manage to put away people who are obviously guilty?

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