Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Last Time I Bake Anything for You

You can discern bias in the media by carefully examining a journalist's choice of words. In this article, it's clear the San Luis Obispo paper has an agenda.

Here are the facts: Arthur Wayne blithely made pot brownies. Some of his co-workers ate the brownies and experienced those symptoms you would expect to experience after ingesting pot brownies. This is how the SLO paper describes it, "Arthur Wayne Bethel, 29, will stand trial on charges that he baked the tainted treats that sickened as many as 11 hospital workers..." Ummmmm, sickened? How 'bout generously got his co-workers stoned?

Let's forget for a second that his co-workers are in the medical profession and treated patients under the influence. Isn't it rude to get the authorities involved? It's a tiny misunderstanding. Plus, it was National Stoners Day (I had no idea it was a holiday).

Some of the people affected experienced, "dizziness, giddiness and nausea April 20 after unknowingly eating marijuana-laced brownies." If I were this Arthur fellow, I'd be all, "Hey, sorry about your giddiness and light euphoria. I apologize that for three hours on April 20th, you were fun to be around. Thanks for throwing me in jail. I appreciate it."


Linda Johnson said...

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Tim said...

Dude they weren't even his co-workers they were his wife's co-workers.

I wonder what kind of CSI it took to nail him.

Antonio Gramsci said...

Um, my friend just said this thing about Scooby Doo, like how this time on there there was a shark and like it had legs and it could run around, but it was just a dude in a shark suit but the shark suit had legs, and I was like, DUDE NO WAY, can you imagine, if like a shark could breathe and run around on two legs like a person, like how much that would suck if you were trying to get home at night but there were like these leg-sharks running around in the dark?

So what were you talking about?

mman said...

Wow, the leg-shark dude is out there. I enjoyed the pot brownies story, I had no idea there was a national stoner day. I'm so out of touch. Do they have a national beer drinking day, because I enjoy an occasional ale, lager or beer and I sure would like to note that on my calendar. Great post by the way. Do you do any TV work anymore?? You were the only good part of the Mike, Mark, Milt Sargent show when that was on. Just wondering.

Sann said...

darn, I wish one of my co-workers would do that, I have been toying with the idea of organizing a "bring in your favorite baked-goods day" for the office--maybe I should do that--huh?
BTW, when is National Vodka & Cranberry Juice Day?

Cool Blog.

Aaron said...

I'm admittedly ignorant on the subject, but can you even get high by eating pot? It seems most of the time I just hear of people getting sick from it. Putting weed in brownies seems like overkill anyway. The amount of sugar in those thing is enough to keep me buzzing for a day.

Antonio Gramsci said...

Aaron...Aaron..."Hash brownies" can get you high.

Carnival said...

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420 Guy said...

Nice blog, and interesting comments on this post, I found the leg shark comment quite humorous.

As for Aaron, are you serious that you've never heard of getting high of ingesting pot? Wow dude, that is supposed to be the best way to get high, not that I would know ;)....

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