Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Marijuana 101 for Cops

It's a rookie mistake. Well, maybe not a rookie mistake, but it's a mistake that anybody could make. Wait a second. Not just anybody. It's a mistake only cops could make...if they were high.

Police in Kansas got a search warrant so they could bust a former mayor for growing, uh, sunflowers in his backyard. Let's quickly review: Sunflowers have vibrant yellow flowers. Marijuana does NOT have vibrant yellow colors.

Point of fact: The Kansas State flag features sunflowers.

Conclusion: Devolution is not a theory. It's a fact.


Tim said...

Two years ago I had the fine distinction of working in a tobacco warehouse for an old geezer who'd been there since his dad owned the place in the 30's. He found the stub of a hand-rolled cig in the bathroom one day and gathered the whole warehouse around so he could show inform us as a group that he didn't want any "hop heads" smoking dope at work. "That's tobacco" someone said and took it from him - opened it and showed the 'class'. The old geezer who had spent better than 50 years selling (and smoking) cigarettes could not clearly identify the tobacco in his hand. I believe the phenomenon where someone thinks what they are looking at is marijuana, but it isn’t, is known as 421 or "four twenty one". This is not to be confused with a persons claim to be “allergic” to marijuana smoke; a condition which I refer to as complete and utter bullshit.

Aaron said...

back in my day, we would buy sunflower and it would still have seeds in it. I also remember when a dime bag actually costed a dime.

Antonio Gramsci said...

Dude, there's this guy, he plays baseball for somebody, his name's Carl Everett, and he said he doesn't believe in dinosaurs, and I was like, "Dude, how does that come up in the conversation?" Like, was he like, "Hey man, I really smashed that curveball, and I don't believe in dinosaurs." How come I can't say "rural?" Hey, hey man, save some for me, DON'T BOGART! So anyway, maybe that guy was like, "I'm feeling real comfortable at the plate, my swing is really in a groove, and I don't believe in dinosaurs."

What were you talking about?

Clinton Freeman said...

I'm allergic to a lot of plants, among them marijuane. In fact, I'm having an allergic reaction to some plants right now. So there.

Butternut said...

Two words: government employees.

I on the other hand can spot marijuana plants from space using my infrared laser eyes. They aren't good for much else though so I usually don't bother going into space much anymore. The jet lag was insane.

I can't tell the difference between the stub of a hand-rolled cigar in the bathroom and a doody, so I ain't touching it.

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