Monday, September 19, 2005

More Pics Coming Soon

By "more pics" I mean more pics in lieu of full-blown posts. I am once again a member of the work force. Sure, I was a member before, but my membership didn't necessitate actually leaving the house. Things have changed. I now have to get up in the morning and clock in at an office.

I'd love to tell you where I'm working, but I already revealed that in this week's podcast. So for the super-curious, you can listen to it, or just have someone who listened tell you (or, of course, they could post the answer here). This is what I call "marketing."

I'm pretty sure that the enticement has to be greater than the hassle, however, so this might not be a good exercise in marketing.

Very tired.



Butternut said...

Glad to see you have steady work. Notice I said "see", not "hear" because the new podcast isn't posted so I'm in the dark until then.

What you really need is the Laura Swisher ticker tape thingy like all the news channels have. That way when I'm at work I can get live updates on the state of the Swish. Inquiring minds need to know. Get Matt on it right away.

In other news, I haven't seen any more baby eating references. I hope the fad hasn't come and gone already. I'll keep you up to date. Stay tuned.

Tired, but not sleepy.

northside777 said...
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northside777 said...

Good to hear that you are working again. I just saw that Low Water video ("Strange New Element")you did with other folks from TechTV. It was good to see you all of you guys before Comcast destroyed the network. I was wondering how long ago did you film that video?

Butternut said...

The podcast is up, coolio. I will listen to it at work, because I'm a rebel like that.

OK, listened to the beginning, congrats Laura! Be sure to post more details about when and where so your drooling, rabid, err... adoring fans can get a peek.