Monday, October 03, 2005

Have You Met My Daughters? Absolut and...

Boones Farm? They're eight and five. Here's some pictures. This is when we went to the Grand Canyon. There's Boones Farm spinning around on that pole. She's very acrobatic! Here 's Absolut stumbling around. She fell asleep before we could even hike the canyon.

All I know is that I would love to sit around with the Ekloefs of Sweden listening to tales of their daughter once she gets to be in high school. They just won the right to name their daughter after a brand of whisky. So this poor girl is going to get the following question her whole life. "Edradour? What an interesting name. What kind of name is that?" "It's Scottish." "Hmmm...Scottish. What does it mean?" "Uh...yeah. Long story. My dad named me after a shot of, uh, whisky. But, you know, it's a high-end single malt type made in Scotland, the good kind. It's also a town. A town known for it's alcohol. My parents wanted to name me after something they really cared about and they, uh, really care about whisky. And now me."

I just have to say, Good luck Edradour.


Tim said...

Some woman here in the northeast held an eBay contest to name her daughter. I'll bet you can guess what the little girls name is. That's right. It's I kid you not. They call her Goldie.

The woman made I think 7 grand on the auction. Imagine having to explain that to her when she gets older.

VagabondLoafer said...

I’m still fuming after your post concerning world-class pinhead Bill Bennett. I totally missed that in the news. I had just finished screening the very racist 1941 cartoon “Scrub me Mama, with a Boogie Beat” when I caught your post. I wanted to write something but i’ve been too angry for words.

I’ve always admired the name Champale but would never seriously consider it for a child’s name. Masculine/Feminine? It just sounds too much like Champagne the drink.

Butternut said...

Tipple, I actually had to look that one up. Laura's blog are delicious AND nutritious.

Edradour Ekloefs. Backwards that spells Sfeolke Ruodarde which is Yiddish for "Stupid Retard". At least that's what Babel Fish says.

Could be worse. Dick Butkus comes to mind.

Arual Rehsiws

Funny, my middle name is "".

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