Sunday, November 20, 2005

For Every 75 Horror Stories

involving cameras, there's one good one.

I seriously need to consider getting a webcam at home for that very my Norweigan sons can look after me.

I now apologize for all my Norweigan jokes.


Orion said...

Technology has always been a two-edged sword...Part of the problem has been that the media prefers to tell horror stories rather than success stories.

"It bleeds, It Leads" is the norm. That's pretty illumnating into the minds of the media moguls as well as that of the average citizen.


Butternut said...

My Norwegian great-grandmother once told me a joke.

"What do you call a Norwegian with his brains knocked out? A Swede."

She said it was funny in Norwegian.

Clinton Freeman said...

Here's what you've been posting:

1. getting a webcam
2. exposing yourself
3. drunken old folks home (code for wild frat house)
4. advising child molesters
5. touching someone on a plane
6. groupies
7. semen

First writing you can twist into something dirty. Next comes denying creationism and supporting gay marriage. Satan be gone!!! Satan be gone!!! Satan be gone!!!

BTW, there's not enough Scandinavian insult humor. Have you heard any good fish insults?

NickDSchultz said...

I nominate that Clinton's post there be made into a 10 minute discussion on the next Weezy and The Swish.

That was beautiful, duboisist.

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Aaron said...

why would you want to increase ejaculate? So that you can impregnate someone from a distance?

NickDSchultz said...

I agree, Cash Advance Man, Laura's blog is all about the increased ejaculation.

Tim said...

You guys are so bitting on my fly style of breaking down the contents of Laura's posts.

It was ME that first lamented the ratio of horror stories to titilation ("it's ok to be lighthearted") and I'd like to thank the Academy (but first and foremost I'd like to thank God) that our beloved Hostess has considered of very late both going naked and getting a webcam.

Thank you Laura.

Knaves step off!

Cash Advance Man said...

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Healer2K said...

Too late to apologize, Laura. As a proud Norwegian, I just cannot forgive your many years of humiliating my people. You're a lovely young woman, but some things just out-weigh that.

Okay. I lied. I'm not Norwegian.

Oh but if I were! GRRRR!

Vert said...

I always make sure to turn my webcam off. I do some silly things.
The last thing I want is to have evidence of me pretending to be Bruce Lee with smiley face boxers on...

Clinton Freeman said...


Hearing about something I wrote is boring.


I was trying to show that people can find what ever they are looking for is there is enough to look at. Was trying to get Laura to do anything. Laura's the Indian. I was making fun of the white doctor. Feel free to claim credit for whatever you want to.

Speaking of credit

Why would I want to take a cash advance to increase my ejaculate? Am I suppose to sell it to a sperm bank and make a profit so I can pay it back? I don't understand the connection.

Tim said...


In my experience credit is extremely overated whether it's been issued to you by Walmart or taken for something as ephemeral as an idea.

"Cash or credit?"

"I'll give you credit for taking my cash!"

Cash is still king.

Happy Turkey Day Buddy.

Butternut said...

Nice to see the spammers contributing back to this site. Best spam evar.

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