Monday, December 19, 2005

I'll Drink to That

If I knew 15 years ago what I just learned today, I totally would have moved to Seattle. Seattle is giving hard-core alcoholics free housing provided they do all their drinking at home. Unfortunately, it's difficult to get in.
"Each tenant of the building, named 1811 Eastlake, will have been addicted to alcohol for at least 15 years and failed at alcohol treatment at least six times. Most will be at least 45 years old, and the chance of ever getting sober is next to nil."

Unfortunately, I don't have a "chronic" problem with alcohol. My problem usually surfaces at work Christmas parties and friends' weddings. Nevertheless, it's nice to see that these folks will be rewarded for their perseverance.


NickDSchultz said...

The smell of alcohol makes my head hurt and I can't drink it without making me ill.

Once upon a time, I partied too hardy...

Never been the same since.

Don't get into too many drunken brawls, 'kay?

Tim said...

Everyone od's on something once and can't drink it again: for me it's anything Peach related.

This place sounds like a sweet place to retire! What I want to know is who makes the clinical determination that "the chance of ever getting sober is next to nil"? Uber troubling is that in light of these sweet digs and the prerequisite for getting in, local drunks will be HOPING they qualify as such.

Is this place sponsored by Anheiser Bush?

Vert said...

Sadly enough I know someone that could win this hands down. They could get the pent house.

Anyway, I usually Google Laura's name to find this blog. I didn't know she had a contest to win a date. Ah man...I miss all the good stuff.

Butternut said...

I don't want to imagine what maid service would be like at that place. Yuck.

They need a place like that for sex addicts. Sponsor it with Trojan or KY or something. Heck, put some video cameras in there and a website and it pays for itself. I don't want to imagine what the maid service would be like there, either.

Antonio Gramsci said...

I must tell you, I was very, very disappointed in your boozing prowess last week.

"Needs improvement."

Thanks again for all your help. Please don't tell Sarah S. about the wallpaper thing.

Tim said...

Butternut - if you don't want to imagine what the maid service would be like, imagine what it would be like in your sexaholic house.

The term "wear your rubbers" would include all meanings.

Clinton Freeman said...
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