Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why I Hate My Camera


This is me today at VH-1 with make-up artist Stacey Rae. This picture sucks, but if my camera produced any sharp images with appropriate hues, you'd see that she did a great job.

You'll hopefully get to see a better example of her work when VH-1 airs "All Access: Heartbreakers Hall of Shame." Unless I said nothing funny, I should be on it. No word yet on when it's supposed to air. Posted by Picasa


Healer2K said...

Oh we see she did a great job. You look bleepin' GORGEOUS. :D

I mean... even more than usual. :p

Nice! :)

ChozSun said...

Memo to The Swish: you are kinda cute (as well as funny). More pictures you can post up, the better. Since we can't get you on TV on a regular basis, how else are we gonna get our fix of The Swish.

Pictures and words... give it us!

VagabondLoafer said...

You look just fine to me. Nice colors. You're both bathed in a nice soft light.

Tim said...

The common feel of earthtones in both the lighting and fabrics... WHATEVER!

Never doubt for a second that you are without question one hot ticket Swisher. If you want to post photos every day for us to remind you of this I beleive we'd all be too happy.

cCc said...

Esta en ti?