Sunday, January 15, 2006

Celebrity Maps Dot Com

Fifth Dream referenced a truly offensive site that I was already familiar with: celebrity maps dot com. This is where people go if they get the urge to drive by a publicist's office, only the site is called "Celebrity Maps" to make the information seem relevant.

I took another look at the site today and saw something completely beyond the pale: Tia Carrera's fake address. Where do these people get off claiming Tia is a celebrity? I thought perhaps it was a fluke, but it wasn't. Yanni, Kathy Ireland and Boyz II Men are listed as well.


Butternut said...

Paula Abdul has two addresses listed. One of them appears to be in a parking lot off Ventura Blvd. That might explain some things.

Also, Eddie Van Halen is listed right next to Sammy Hagar. I find this unlikely. David Lee Roth was unavailable for comment.

Mira Sorvino is listed but in NY. Damn.

VagabondLoafer said...

One day soon Laura, your house will make it onto a celeb map. I’ll be among the first to hop a nice big air-conditioned/toileted tour bus. Slow-rolling past your estate I’ll slide the window open, smile and wave to you.
You’ll smile back and wave at me from your hammock in the yard.
You’ll run out of the house in a towel and curlers(?). And while cursing, throw garbage at the bus.

Butternut said...

And a green avacado face mask. Classic.

Clinton Freeman said...

Boy, that will be funny. Laura forgets to take her curlers out in the morning. I hate when that happens to me.

Laura, don't be a hater. If I didn't have trouble going more than a mile from my house, I would want to know where Pia Zadora lives.
It's comforting to know that so many celebrities live in suites. They worked hard developing their talent and sacrifice so much that they deserve some rewards. (Maybe not Kenny G)
Like VagabondLoafer wrote, one day soon you too will live in a suite on Ventura Blvd or in Time Square. And who knows, maybe I'll be able to go further away from home by then, but if I can't at least I can dream. Of catching you in your curlers.

Butternut said...

Pia Zadora lives in Malibu Colony. At least she used to. I went to a party at her neighbor's house once. Larry Hagman was having a huge party nearby too. Tom Hanks went walking by with that stupid beard he grows when he's trying to hide from people even though it just makes him stand out even more. Wilson!

L.A. can be a strange place sometimes.

Clinton Freeman said...

Um . . .
I'm not sure how to put this kindly.
Finding out where Pia Zadora lives is not really a major priority for me.
On a scale of 1 to 10, with 5 being making french toast for breakfast, where Pia Zadora lives rates a 0.5 or less.

I don't really believe celebrities live in suites on Ventura, either. I know those are addresses for post office boxes. The suites they live in are someplace else.

But, I would find it hysterical to see Laura wearing curlers.

Tim said...


Your all alone with "french toast is more important than Pia Zadora".