Sunday, January 29, 2006

Leroy Jenkins

I'm trying to bone up on geek highlights of the past year. Guy turned me on to Leroy Jenkins, the Chocolate Milk kid and a couple other things. Wanna help me expand my list? It'd be a huge help to me.

Also, I'm trying to track down that anti-piracy commercial they show in movie theaters, the one with the "hip" soundtrack and awesome VO that intones such queries as "You wouldn't steal a CD from a store...". If anyone can find it online, lemme know.



Butternut said...

FOUND IT! Took awhile. I guess the MPAA doesn't want people to see this.

According to the Wiki it's "Leeroy" although it's usually spelled with many many 'e's. It has more meaning if you've played these sorts of games which require a lot of patience and planning. There's always someone that gets impatient and jumps in, ruining it for everyone. It's now used as an verb, "He Leeroyed in!".

In searching for geekiness I came across this 12-year old drum solo. I'm sure Weezy would get a kick out of it. I'll cross post it on the WATS boards.

Butternut said...

Oh, forgot this one. The Xmas lights videos. I'm sure everyone has seen them. Even Miller beer used them in ads.

Clinton Freeman said...

Another pretty girl trying to get the geeks to do her homework. Do you want to "borrow" my classnotes and copy off my exam?
But when you're around your "cool" friends, you tape "kick me, I'm a geek" notes to my back. I haven't fallen for that one in 25 yeats, since before we started saying "fitdy" insread of fifty.

Tim said...

I am almost ashamed to say that a year after meeting Leeroy I am a level 38 Night Elf Druid myself. Depending on who you mention this to you are either a complete tool or a member of some secret society which does not have a membership fee but also does not have shit for perks. Also I do not beleive there are any women in this secret society though a few who are "happy" to pretend. By "happy" I mean - aw, this is too much tangent for monday morning.

It's early but I'm certain I can add to the list.

Tim said...

Here's one that ranks right up there with Leeroy:


Like Leeroy, this video made by a couple of dudes from Canada became Legendary in digital circulation. The star of Boom Headshot is "FPS Doug" ("FPS" = First Person Shooter or any video game where you run around guided by the tip of your gun (insert sexual innuendo of your preference) such as Halo, Call of Duty, Perfect Dark etc.) In games such as these, a bullet to the head usually does more damage and our hero fancies himself the master of said maneuver. While FPS Doug and crew have their own site, I couldn't find it in the available few minutes I had to put this together, there are basically two videos of legend.

They are:

The relationship between "Boom Headshot" and one's personal preference for video games is not important. The people who know who Leeroy Jenkins is largely have no inkling of the game it's from.

Most folks who know who Leeroy is, know Boom Headshot. They are in the exact same league.

Note: Chuck Norris jokes are NOT in this league.

Aaron said...

speaking of piracy you remember that one they used to have with various musicians and rappers saying that downloading was stealing? The funny thing was DMX was among them. A guy who has gone to jail for burglary was saying that downloading music on kazaa was stealing.

Matthew said...

Are there any real geek 'leagues'? It sounds like something you find yourself in rather than something one aspires to join.

And I guess I'm a total n00b, because I don't know who the chocolate milk kid is. Is he related to the star wars kid everybody's talkin' about?

NickDSchultz said...

I like a few flash cartoons.

A good site, funny, if a tad (ha) vulgar. It's all about a goth girl and a talking squirrel talking about morbid views on humanity.

Cute jokes about geeks and videogames.

Clinton Freeman said...

Don't the rest of you have any pride? Why are you letting yourself be manipulated by this skirt?
You don't see me being so eager to please that I say the biggest news is how mainstream geekiness has become. Jokes have been made about things that have only happened on the internet on pop culture icons like "Family Guy" and "The Daily Show."
Durng everything from blackouts to Katrina, people used the internet to find out about loved ones. Scandals, including the current one about James Frey, began on the internet and was picked up by the mainstream.
Even the Washington Post has a blog , Meet the Press has a bodcast, and you can watch Monk on Itunes. Spellcheckers can't even keep up with the rate of change.
That's the big news and there is a lot more evidence, but you don't see me trying to impress Laura with my knowledge. Rise up and throw away you pocket protectors. Remove the tape from your glasses.
United we can end the exploitation of the intellectually gifted but socially challenged.

Butternut said...

But, if I remove the tape from my glasses they fall apart!

Actually I'm a real working nerd so my glasses are made of titanium and polycarbonite plastics.

A skirt you say? Oh, if only Laura wore skirts... *shudder*

I think the best way to impress Laura is to get her a writing job on The Daily Show. Other than that I think it's a lost cause.

I don't do MySpace, if that makes you feel better.

Fight the power and don't believe the hype.

Clinton Freeman said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tim said...

I thought this was about internet lore not about "geeks".

If by "geeks" you mean "had the shit beat out of them in 1982 because programing basic on the Apple IIe was more fun than soccer" I understand. However if you mean "leagues of well off 16 year olds with 3 thousand dollar laptops, five iPods and 200 dollar Napoleon Dynamite haircuts to match" I suddenly stop caring. In fact I suddenly am embarrased to have been beaten up in 1982 having somehow paved the way for these kids who are somehow in the actual majority and will never fully appreciate how well they have it. Like, ever.

Leeroy or no Leeroy.

Hellbob said...

My favorite geek moment past Leeroy, was the "book report" about "To Kill a Mockingbird" located here:
Yeah right!!! It's minutes of pure awesome!

Also, the entire contents of are well worth your while.

Sean said...

This video is great, it's about a couple of geeks and you may find yourself doing "is that the swish" doubletake while viewing it.

Clinton Freeman said...

The power of suggestion and my bad eyesight lead me to post something that wasn't true in a earlier comment. I deleted it before I get outed by some blogger like they tend to do a lot of lately. (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)
As penance, I'm submiting this clip worst job ever.
I made a post about it on the W&TS messageboard, so I know Laura didn't see it there.

*Add messageboard to the list of words not in the spellcheck

Laura Swisher said...

Hey everyone,

Thanks for all your suggestions. Clinton, I know it must have been hard for you to give in. You're a good man. Butternut, thanks for tracking down the piracy video. I tried looking for a couple hours and had no luck. If you have more, keep 'em coming. Thanks!

NickDSchultz said...
That would be the most foul mouthed rabbit ever... Please don't show this to Weezy, I don't think she'd find it funny. It's vulgar as all hell...
Xiao Xiao 3, the coolest stick figure fighting movie ever...

Guy said...

Hey, just wanted to say it's unfair to call swish out for trying to get geek guys to do her homework. I don't really know anyone with more respect for geek-craft, or desire to learn than lady swish. everybody doesn't know everything, she's just trying to learn from her online friends.

also, i don't call her back enough, which hurts her on the inside.


Clinton Freeman said...

1. I just realized the big tech story of the year was Katrina. The warning before. The inability to communicate. How people used to internet to find out how people where doing and in some cases where they were. How charity appeals were made. How blogs criticised officials.

2. Laura,
Your comment makes me want to ask someone if I know a "kick me" sign on my back, but of cause I can't because if there is one I'd just be making things easier for them.

3. Guy,
I have a very warped sense of humor and I find it amusing to sometimes take a position and try to write as if it were my own.
I have a lot of respect for Laura and besides the fact I find reading this blog entertaining, I come here because I learn so much when Laura tries new things.
You don't have to worry I have noting but love for the Swish.

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monkey boy said...

Hi, I dont know if this is really a geek moment would have taken a lot of geeks in order for this to happen. So check this out and if you have or havnt seen it, pst me and tell me if you like it or not. :)

Ryan said...

monkey boy i have seen it i think its hillarious/somewhat/ anyways im glad i wasant online at that time. i would have died

monkey boy said...

If you want more info on what happened just send me a message. :)

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