Thursday, January 26, 2006

Stanford University Here I Come

I have recently discovered that I can now start attending Stanford University while at the gym. It's a new program Stanford is working on with Apple. The school will put hundreds of lectures and content on iTunes and make it available to the public. I'm really excited to not understand a subject via a podcast rather than to pay thirty-thousand dollars to not understand it in person. Suhweet. Unfortunately, my initial iTunes search didn't yield great results. The only Stanford-related content I found was its Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders series. And as interesting as I'm sure the series is, I couldn't bring myself to download Lonnie Smith's discussion on Intuitive Surgical Inc.'s path from mere start-up to market dominance in the field of robotics. What is WRONG with me?!

P.S. How come Blogger's spellcheck flags both "podcast" and "iTunes"? Shouldn't they have a more net-savvy dictionary?


Clinton Freeman said...

Quite a few universities have worked with Apple and WGBH/PBS to put lectures and course material online. Most noticeably MIT and Harvard.

But you don't have to score high on your SAT to participate. More and more subjects, from primary ed to do-it-yourself, comes online everyday and a lot more will be made itunes ready.

Google doesn't spellcheck for those words? Maybe Apple hasn't signed the right agreement with the Chinese government.

Butternut said...

Cool! This will make falling asleep in class so much easier, and comfortable. I wonder if I can retake Drawing 101 via iTunes and get the credits to transfer.

ChozSun said...

MIT did this with some of there course and putting them online in webform.

Harvard, Stanford and MIT know the incredible importance of advancing a society. Whether you get a degree or not is not important. You have to keep learning and keep exercising your brain.

Aaron said...

unfortunately, the reverse seem to be true. Get a degree at all costs. I know plenty of people who cheated their way to professionallism.

Clinton Freeman said...

cheated their way to professionallism ---> oxymoron

Clinton Freeman said...

You can add "Webcam" to your list.