Monday, January 23, 2006

Romance Chatrooms Are Brutal

I really hope these lawsuits catch on. I can't wait to get paid every time I experience emotional distress. I'd be able to cover the cost of therapy that way.


Tim said...

Somehow I feel you are implicating me with this Laura.

Expect a letter from my lawyers.

Seriously this is jus the next chapter of 1984. Wait until the Government demands transcripts of every chat ever held on Yahoo. That most of us are not a thread to national security would imply "hey I have nothing to hide" - but wait until Porn becomes illegal in about 2 years. Or fucking swearing online.

Butternut said...

"It's just the Internet, for God's sake. It's nothing important."

Those guys are both creepy. From now on they are both on my ignore list.