Friday, February 24, 2006

New Adoption Ban Is a Good Thing

I know that this is a really controversial subject, but the proposed adoption ban in Ohio is actually a good thing. It's important that kids grow up in a household with supportive parents who embody traditional values. So although this is a really tough call for me, I feel that it is more important for kids to be raised by the right kinds of parents, than to be raised merely by willing parents, even if that means certain children will grow up as wards of the state. So I fully support the proposed adoption ban in Ohio. With any luck other states will pass laws as well.


Clinton Freeman said...

I'm willing to go one step further.
Don't just keep them from adopting more children. Take away the ones they conceive.
I would recommend using wiretaps to make sure they don't procreate in secret, but I'm not sure they make enough noise for anyone to hear.
Of course, they make more noise when they are doing kinky shit, but they almost never do that with their spouses.

Matthew said...

Now, am I mistaken or were you adopted?

VagabondLoafer said...

Ban Republican adoptions?
It’s just more silly legislation from those Democrats.
Everyone knows Republicans don’t adopt children.