Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Our Top Export to India: Shame Spirals

I shed a tear when I read this article. The population of India is getting heavier and heavier. The reason? Fast food. I'm proud of America's culinary hegemony over the rest of the world. When fast food is introduced to other parts of the world, obesity follows. It happened in Japan (didn't it?) and it's now happening in India. Eff yeah! It's just another example of our might. Notice there aren't any stories about sudden drops of weight when Indian food is introduced to a region. I think it's because we know how to sell better.

Here's some advice for formerly-healthy Indians that now find themselves saddled with extra pounds: Tell your friends it's not your fault. Tell them it's because you caught a virus. How does ColdEze work against obesity? Is it possible to catch obesity on a cross-country flight?


Clinton Freeman said...

First we send tourists.
Then we send our culture.
Then we send our jobs.
Then we send our diseases.

When they can't afford our medicine, we move on to someplace else and some jerk makes money every step of the way.

Yes Laura, there is hegemony.

Clinton Freeman said...

How come on the last few posts the comments that you read from the comment link and the comments when you link to post a comment are not the same?

Matthew said...

What are they eating to be so fat? I thought Cows were sacred amongst the Hindu community? Don't Big Macs have "Two all beef-patties, special sauce,lettuce,cheese..." it's in the song! It's the first thing!

ChozSun said...

What is psycho is that if someone put a gun to my head and made me pick a certain cuisine to eat for the rest of my life, Japanese and Indian would rank 1 & 2. American (with the exception of steak) would rank dead last.

NickDSchultz said...

I'm pretty sure "Steak" is older than the US of A...

And I have to say, I would love to be able to live off of Chinese Food for the rest of my life...

Screw fast food, it's disgusting.


Oh yeah, and I forgot about this for the longest time... Thanks Laura, for introducing me to Blogger. If you check the first post I ever wrote in my primary blog, you'd see that the only reason I joined would be to post comments in your blogposts and that I suspected I'd get into Blogging big time and thank Laura later for it.

Have a nice day!

Butternut said...

At least the USA is still #1 at something.

Italian would be my #1 food, unless you count Californian. That's basically Italian with avocados and duck.

I gotta invest in diabetes medication companies.