Sunday, February 12, 2006

Stop White on White Crime

How many more senseless shootings are we willing to tolerate before we say enough? This is truly chilling. I've heard there's a climate of fear among oil men and that many are afraid to venture into the woods.


Clinton Freeman said...

Guns don't shoot people.
Vice-Presidents do.

Butternut said...

Too bad it wasn't Cheney that was shot. I think he could use some Fitty Cent-type 'cred.

Oh and in case the White House blog crawlers are looking in I don't mean that I think Cheney should really be shot or hurt. It's a joke. Please don't send me to Gitmo.

VagabondLoafer said...

Even the out-of-doors isn’t safe anymore.
Cheney should’ve stayed in his smoke-filled room.

Matthew said...

Jeez, you can't just sneak up on an uncontrollable killing machine without suffering the consequences.