Friday, February 10, 2006

Hurricane Plot on Los Angeles Thwarted

Holy shit! I just learned that the Department of Homeland Security thwarted a Category IV hurricane headed toward downtown Los Angeles back in 2002. Apparently there was a lot of chatter from hurricane operatives and associates that the Category IV was determined to strike LAX or the tallest building in the city. Because airport security is so tight and impenetrable, it settled on the downtown area. Fortunately for America, George Tenet was able to torture the details of the plot out of a tropical storm near San Diego, and avert disaster.

Thank God our government is listening to our phone calls. If they weren't, Los Angeles might not exist. And then where would my acting career be?


huck said...

Good stuff. I hope they bothered to let the mayor know this time. How anyone can believe a word Bush says these days is a mystery to me. First he makes some wild ass claim. Second wild ass claim gets reported as breaking news in all the major media. Third wild ass claim's veracity is called into question. Finally wild ass claim is proven to be a lie but by that time interest has wained and the lie is never corrected. Such is life under Bush. God help us.

velveeta said...

I don’t know if you are aware of this because of the almost total media blackout but Fmr. Presidential candidate and de facto head of the Democrat Party John Kerry and Bill Clinton have come out in support of the islamo-fascists protesting the Mohammed cartoons. Now the first thing that bothered me with this story is that Democrats are supposed to be the party that to stand behind artists no matter what the context or the content of the art. We all can remember the “Piss Christ” and the Virgin Mary covered in elephant dung art exhibits and that is the reason that this story is so unbelievable that he would side with protesters against art expression. I wasn’t that surprised that those in Europe would stand down to the fascism not unlike they once did but American Democrats following in kind is just astonishing. I mean I know that after Theo Van Gogh was murdered the movie he was killed for making has not been shown in any movie theatres in Europe.

The big point on the whole cartoon protest is that it is all a big work by Iran and Syria to try to insulate them against possible action by the UN Security Council. First we all are or at least should be aware of the threat that Iran poses and the lack of following UN rules restricting nuclear proliferation and their support for whipping Israel out. What you might not be aware of is Syria is being pressured by the UN over the assassination of former Lebanese PM Hirri. The UN has asked to speak with Bassar Assad, his brother, and several other high ranking Syrian officials outside of Syria but Assad has been trying to block the UN. Assad has been asking for immunity for himself and his brother in the assassination but the UN has not granted him that. Now what does all this have to do with the cartoons? Denmark, the country that the cartoons came from, is going to become the head of the UN Security Council next month. So, now that Denmark has been broken and shown to be an enemy of Islam they will be a push over if Denmark tries to rein in Iran and its nuclear program or if the Security Council tries to go after Syria in the Hirri assassination.

I do agree with you that Bush isn’t fighting the War on Terror in the appropriate way and the war should have been finished about two years ago through use of massive air power. I don’t care for all the “ow shucks” joking he does about Clinton and the possibility of Hillary winning the next election and many of his domestic and economic policies which are anything but conservative. I do find it maddening that many liberals attack Bush as if he were the biggest enemy and not the islamo-fascists (Bush will be gone in 2 years). It is also surprising that all those liberals and socialists that said if Hitlerism and fascism came back they would stand to fight are now completely silent on the Iranian President who sounds each more bold than Hitler himself each day and the current protests against the cartoons by people who are threaten beheading the artists and publishers.

The one thing that all of us are going to have to come to terms with is what FDR said on December 9, 1942 “We are now in this war, we are in it all the way. Every man, woman, and child is a partner in a tremendous undertaking of our American history. We must share together the bad news and the good news, the defeats and the victories-the changes of the fortunes of war.” This in are current situation would include liberals, Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, gays, straits, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and atheists. We all have to work together to defend this country because right know we have a total lack of leadership from both parties and if we learned anything from New Orleans and the "War on Poverty" big government can not be depended on. In times when there is no leadership the people have to lead the leaders.

Clinton Freeman said...

Great post. I bet the Daily Show steals it next week.


All I really want is for people like you to make up your minds. It would be a great improvement if you would just treat everybody the same.
Your arguments depend on two things:

1. the reader not knowing or not remembering what happened in the pass
2. getting people to expect your opponents to behave in ways that are completely unrealistic and unlike anything they would do themselves.

Often there is a third thing, blaming the victim for making you have to mistreat them.

If you don't want to stop being hypocritical and you aren't discouraged by how stupid you seem to those who see past the smoke and mirrors, at least come up with something original instead of the same old same old.

huck said...

Yo Velveeta. I'll keep it short. One, I don't care what Bill Clinton and John Kerry think about a cartoon. I have a brain and I use it often to come to my own conclusions. Two, we did use and in fact are still using massive air strikes in Iraq and they only serve to kill a large number of civilians. Iraq is nightmare created from a mountain of lies. Third, I agree with Gore Vidal that the war on terror is like the war against dandruff. In other words it doesn't mean a thing. To call this a war and to compare it to WWII is an outrage. I will not change your mind and I don't even know why I'm responding to your comment but I do wish you well.

Butternut said...

I agree with Huck that the "war on terror" is not a war at all, more like a constant struggle. I wonder if Bush will write a book about his presidency called "My Struggle"?

Tony said...

"Hindsight alone is not wisdom, and second guessing is not a strategy." George W. Bush

Clinton Freeman said...

"My Struggle"? What kind of delusional egotistical warmonger would name a book that?

I watched a History Channel show on the "Mississippi Sovereignty Commission" and was surprised to see the parallels between it and the "Department of Homeland Security."
Anybody want to bet that's why Pres. Carter spoke out at Mrs. King's funeral?

Butternut said...

I can always count on Clinton to get the joke without the winkie face ;)

Clinton Freeman said...

Soll das ein Scherz sein?

Tim said...
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