Thursday, March 02, 2006

Clear Channel Gets Classy

Here's a tip to marketers. If you're trying to throw a "classy" event by hosting it at an art museum, especially an art museum in Milwaukee, don't promote it by advertising "All the martinis you can drink for $30!"

And since when are people who are into Nelly, into art?


Kato said...

"They were standing on it, grabbing the boobs, and somebody was just taking pictures with a cell phone," said Laura Collins, 35.

Now, see, that's exactly the kind of art museum event that would really bring in the crowds. I'm not much into the Venus de Milo (I prefer chicks with arms) but if someone told me there would be faux-boob-grabbing photo ops, I'd totally be there.

Butternut said...

When did Milwaukee turn into Art Patrons Gone Wild? I gotta visit more museums.

I want to see the cell phone camera pictures from that event. "I don't know art, but she has nice boobs! *honk honk*"

I bet even Congress would be a happening party if they served all you can drink martinis. I hear Bush is partial to Jager shots.

VagabondLoafer said...

Laura, please say you drew that pic. It’s great!
Also, someone said they saw Oprah and Martha Stewart slap-fighting out in the parking lot.

Clinton Freeman said...

I think the guy who said they should have charged more was right. If it had been #300 for an evening of wine tasting, they would have gotten a classier drunks (and vomit.)

Laura Swisher said...

Vagabond, I found the image on Google. It is a cool pic. Wish I had artistic ability.

mrmilkduds said...

Better late than never...or is it better never late? If someone is going to shove vodka martinis in my face the entire evening while I appreciate bosoms le art...all I need to know is the when and the where. Laura, let me know when a gallery opens with your charms on canvas. Au revoir, MrMilkduds