Friday, March 10, 2006

Obscene or Fantastic?

It's two in the morning. I'm waiting for a DVD to burn on my laptop before going to bed and waking up in three hours. I am finishing up last-minute preparations for my Austin trip.

So I just came across this gem of a story. A man was arrested for making 2,623 obscene phone calls in twenty days.

I am not a fan of obscene phone calls, nor of obscene phone callers; however, I think I have to make an exception for this guy. He must be extremely prolific to generate such a high volume of calls. Not only that, he possesses tremendous focus, concentration and tenacity in a very hostile work environment. As an actor-type person, I have to respect someone who can withstand being rejected over two thousand times in twenty days.

I would also like to hear the first twenty calls he made and compare them to the last twenty calls he made. Chances are he got really good at it.

If anyone has his number let me know. I may give him a call.

I am about to pass out.

Good night.


Tim said...
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Fredtimbo said...

His phone number is 1-900-ANAL SEX.

Butternut said...

"The calls were made between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m., Licking County Sheriff Randy Thorp said."

I think the first few calls were successes, you know, got him all excited that maybe he was on to something.

"Hey, I bet you have a great body!"
"Oh, yes, well thank you. That was very nice of you."

2,000 calls later he's just looking for that "acceptance" jones. "But but she said I sounded cute!!!"

Scott A. Edwards said...

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