Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I'm still in Austin, though instead of staying at the lovely Capitol Plaza Hotel just a few blocks away from the Convention Center, I'm now at a hotel the other side of the freeway. This hotel has very slow weak Internet service.

Now that the awards and the Interactive part of the festival are over, I've been seeing a bunch of films: "The Oh in Ohio", "Shadow Company", "LoudSoftLoud", "Punk Like Me", "Air Guitar Nation", "Prairie Home Companion", "Darkon", "Dannie Roane: First Time Director" and "This Film Is Not Yet Rated".

I'm presently attempting to figure out a way to get to downtown without spending $15 bucks on a cab.

That's my not-very-informative update.


Tim said...
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Clinton Freeman said...

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT Hitchike sister. A fine young thang like you should have no trouble getting a ride.
And thus, the problems. From this many bad things lead.
Daily Show --> Good
Law and Order --> Not so good

Anonymous said...

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