Saturday, March 18, 2006

Two Hours Prior to Departure

Can someone explain to me why, when a person arrives at LAX two hours prior to departure, she makes it to her gate with maybe fifteen minutes to spare before boarding? Because at one point it seemed logical that passengers should arrive well in advance of their departure time. It was important to ensure that airport security had adequate time to fully screen everyone and weed out terrorists, even the ill-prepared ones who scheme of taking over planes with deadly tweezers.

But why are we waiting in lines that wrap around the outside of the airport and continue for about a block or more (this is LAX) when we're not any more secure? Because given the choice of sleeping in or waiting in an hour and a half line, I'd choose the former. But maybe that's just me.


Phill said...

its all corporate welfare. I didnt feel safe before the orwellian procedures were put in place. You really think some wage slave is going to pick up somebody who has trained/researched this stuff? I bet the ground crew dont go through it everyday. It is just designed to make people feel safer. Nobody cares if it actually works.

Clinton Freeman said...

If the lines are long enough, sooner or later, the Muslims will have to pray and you can pick them out.

Butternut said...

WATS doesn't have a private jet? Not even a rental? I'll have to hook you guys up. Ciao.

Last time I flew I arrived at the airport with about 40 min. to make my flight. You're supposed to automatically not be allowed on with less than 45 min. but they rushed me through security and I made my plane just fine. At LAX. Of course it was a weeknight just flying to SFO. Also showing them my "Authentic Patriotic American" card given to me by The Man helped.

P.S. Clinton, that was freakin hilarious.

Rick said...

Most of the heightened security began about 4 years ago because some asshole put a bomb in his shoe.

I wonder what would be happening if the bomb was in his asshole.

Now that would be an interesting screening.