Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hit the Gym, Not the Spreadsheet

Most men I know believe there's a correlation between having a nice car and getting laid. That might be true, but I've personally never dated anyone with a nice car. Wait. I once dated someone with a convertible BMW. It was short-lived. And I can say, in all honesty, that I didn't date him because of his car. It was for the free coke and a speaking part on "Blossom."

But I hear from guys all the time, especially in Los Angeles, that women are golddiggers. Simple logic dictates that one avoid this type of woman. Unfortunately, a lot of these women are beautiful and desperate, a combination that's almost impossible to resist.

Why do I even bring this up? A new study indicates that things are changing. As women become more financially independent, their tastes change. By "taste" I mean that money is no longer the most important quality in a mate. A man's looks is taken into consideration. So rich and ugly might not be enough anymore.
Women who had low levels of control over their cash rated the financial status of a man over his looks. Those with a decent source of income rated physical attractiveness more highly. The study will appear in Evolution and Human Behavior.

I can't wait for the day when men and women alike are equally vain. This might be disturbing to some guys, but think about it another way. In the future, guys might be able to skate by on their looks and become someone's trophy husband.


Tim said...
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Butternut said...

Now you tell me! Damn it!

So now I have to sell my Beemer, stop busting my ass at work all day and night and work out more. Great. I guess I need to shift my investments from high risk stocks into Sephora and Armani.

Thank God I have the smokin' good looks to fall back on when all this "edumacation" and hard work doesn't pay off.

I bet Weezy could use a boy toy...

Clinton Freeman said...

I want to be judged by the content of my character, not by the size of my care, arms, penis, brain, or wallet.
I don't want to be discriminated against because of qualities like that, but life is too short to try to impress people. I'm not impressed at all by people who try to impress me or people who are easily impressed.
As long as someone can put up, with me gifts and flaws alike, that's all I'm looking for.
That and a nice rack.

Amadeo said...

Yay!!!! One of my life goals was to find a sugar mommy...maybe now I can start my business idea...Arm Candy INC.

Aaron said...

things are cyclic...or maybe more like a pendulum.

Women taking over the planets and guys being becoming the "weaker" sex would suit men just fine. Women will back up eventually and put things back the way they were. Chick's can never make up their minds.

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