Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Why Don't I Feel Safe?

This is why I don't trust politicians who run on "values." It's not that values are a bad thing, so much as the people who scream the loudest about it are the ones who are probably hiding the creepiest secrets.

I think evil dresses like a businessman or a suburban teen. No one would suspect anything of these upright citizens if they didn't get caught. That's why I don't have a problem with "in your face" "perverts". They're not the ones hiding anything. It's the guys in the suits and ties sitting next to you in church that you have to watch out for.

Here's a fun question: Since when is sodomizing children against their will with a broom non-sexual? I guess when it happens to a politician's son. In those cases it becomes a misdemeanor, like TPing someone's house, except there's no anal bleeding. Maybe I'm old-fashioned. I feel that any crime which could potentially cause anal bleeding should not be a misdemeanor. But maybe that's just me.

I don't know why today's post is so dark.


brad said...

Please step away from my will to live.

Phill said...

with neo fascists in charge, the world will only get darker.

on the pervs in the suits who keep quiet, agreed.

velveeta said...

Makes you really happy with all the bureaucracy. Hey but that is what you get with big government.

I was a little suprised that you would take this kind of stance Laura because I saw a movie called "Woodsman" starring Kevin Bacon which said that I should have understanding and compassion for child molesters. I thought that was the liberal thing to do instead of being a reactionary.

Butternut said...

The first article was horribly written. It never stated how old Bennett's son is, or was, at the time of the 'brooming'. That makes a big difference whether it's a juvenile crime or not. Second, it didn't mention this important fact until the end of the article:

" 'Brooming' was the name given for the practice of poking a camper, while clothed, in the area of the butt."

I do agree with the comment from the 12-year old that it would be a different situation if the 18 children involved were girls.

I can see fetish 'brooming' porn sites cropping up any minute now, if they aren't already out there.

It all sounds like typical fraternity hazing rituals to me. I mean, broomstick or paddle, hmmm...

Clinton Freeman said...

Cheer up, Swishy.
If Bush give nukes to India, it will probably lead to us all being killed soon enough.
Doesn't that make things better?

Tim said...
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NakedZoo said...

I'm guessing Tim has some painful broom handle memories that he suppresses by drowning kittens in motor oil on Tuesdays just before 'Ellen' starts so as not to miss his favorite lipstick lesbian pontificate on all things innocuous...
The truth is everyone and everything changes constantly, whether we like it or not. One simple act can change the world. See for posts being meaningless, ask Dan Rather what he thinks of bloggers, Jeff Gannon, Ariana Huffington, Bill Clinton...relentless negativity...aka a studied posture of detached cynicism is a cop-out of the worst kind. Pull the shotgun out of your ass, place it in your mouth the Immortal words of Dennis Miller...Take one for the team:)

Love you Swish...hope all is well.

Matthew said...

I'm tired of these thing being swept under the rug.

That being said, I'm more angry that the Homeland Security guy was dumb enough to get caught. Evil: par for the course. Evil and incompentent: outrage!

Tim said...
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Tim said...
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Clinton Freeman said...


What the fuck happened? I thought I was reading Laura's blog and it turned into Rosie's. Jesus Christ.

Everybody is right.
Yes, nothing written here is going to have a major inpact on history, but no single act EVER has. I feel no need to be written about in history books. I just want to have a little fun, before I die my miserable death.
Yes, there is a butterfly effect and we never know what the ripple effects of our actions are going to be. Since we never know what the long term effects are going to be, I figure I might as well TRY to be fair, compassionate, and good stuff like that.

Put away the penises.
I never meet 3 of my 4 grandparents. I'm willing to bet a crate of clementines that they existed anyway. And when it comes to doing things to make the world a better place I do the best I can and hope others do too.

Laura Swisher said...

For the record, I don't anticipate anything I write in this blog will change the world. I probably will change the world, but I don't ANTICIPATE it.

Tim brought up a number of points, one of which is that we're not real people and nothing we say matters. I disagree, especially in a forum as small as this one where folks regularly interact with one another. And from the message boards, where I see virtual friendships form all the time. And when my mom shares about her husband having cancer, and gets support from people she's never met in person. And I talked to people at SXSW who have stayed with folks out of town who they know from the Blogging/Vlogging community. So there really are actual people voicing actual opinions who seek actual discussion.

I guess I can see that people might have a problem with "Liberals" in general. But I don't see what that has to do with president Bush being a disaster. Can't liberals be annoying AND president Bush be an unmitigated disaster?

Also, Homeland Security didn't exist under Clinton. FEMA did. And under Clinton FEMA was headed by a man praised by Republicans and Democrats alike. Bush, by contrast, can't find anyone qualified to take the job because the department is in such disarray. Can you at least acknowledge that perhaps Clinton handled this one aspect of government better than Bush? Or are we supposed to believe that everything Clinton was awful?

Anyway, I pick stories that catch my eye. I like when there's back and forth about them. I'd truly like to change the world, but I don't actually think my posts here do that (even when CBS news links to them).

Finally, I don't have a pecker, intellectual or otherwise.

Tim said...
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Tim said...
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Clinton Freeman said...

"I don't have a pecker"

So you say.

Of course you realize, you're just setting the joke where one of us offer you ours.

Aaron said...

Tim reminds me of the "steretypical white guy" character that appears on black comedy shows such as In Living Color and the Chapelle Show. I'm like..damn..people like this truly exist.

Uh oh..another insult. Just pretend I'm not here. Shhhh.