Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Little People Rock! Literally...

Hey, little people, can't we all just get along? That's the question I asked myself when I read about clashing Kiss cover bands. Here's the twist: both cover bands are made up of little people. There's MiniKiss and Tiny Kiss and the thing they have in common is they're both adorable.

From PR Newswire, here's a brief description of the feud:
Loomis said the trouble started while he was drumming for MiniKISS, and Fatale got "jealous that I
was getting all the chicks. So I left to start my own band called Tiny KISS. It's not even the same as his band, because mine is three little people and one fat chick, and he's just four little people." Loomis has been starring in "Beacher's Madhouse" show at Peter Morton's Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Vegas for the past several months.

I guess that explains how we can tell if we're watching MiniKiss or Tiny Kiss. If you see a fat chick, it's Tiny Kiss. And he's right. If you add a fat chick, you're no longer comparing apples to apples; it immediately changes to apples and apples with fat orange.

All I know is this: There is room enough in this world for two diminuitive Kiss cover bands. I say, "Rock on," even if this is just a publicity stunt to raise the profile of both bands.

It worked.


Clinton Freeman said...

The miniKISS guy couldn't be "jealous that I was getting all the chicks" if all the other guy got was "one fat chick." Four or five fat chicks, maybe, but not just one.
I think that Tiny KISS guy deserves a little ass-Kissing.
(Get it? I wrote little and the I wrote ass KISS instead of ass-kicking.)
That's for whoever keeps stealing my stuff and putting it on The Daily Show.

Butternut said...

Honey I Shrunk The Cover Band.

Time to get a dwarf cover band for They Might (not) Be Giants. Also try a Little Richard cover band all over 6' 5" called Big Dicks.

yeknomgod said...

Check out the interview:

Tiny KISS on Tucker Carlson