Friday, April 28, 2006

Teenage Sex Cults?

The Food & Drug Administration blocked release of Plan B claiming it didn't know the impact the drug would have on teen promiscuity. Plan B is a pill that can be taken up to 72 hours after intercourse has ocurred to put the kibosh on making a baby. The reason the FDA's decision is controversial is that it didn't follow its own scientific guidelines in issuing its decision. In other words, the decision wasn't based on sound science but, rather, subjective morality. That's why a woman's group is trying to force the FDA to offer the pill over the counter. One claim advanced by someone in the FDA is that if girls have access to Plan B, they might join a sex cult. Speaking from personal experience, if I had access to Plan B as a teen, I definitely would have joined a cult. That's all me and my girlfriends talked about at slumber parties. Right after playing "light as a feather, stiff as a board" we'd sit in a circle around a candle and fantasize out loud about the crazy sex acts we'd engage in if there were magic pills available. Unfortunately, all we had were dog-eared copies of "Forever".

I kid, but I truly am worried about what would happen if Plan B were available over the counter. I don't worry so much about young girls, but about vulnerable male politicians, especially those Republican politicians who care so much about protecting women from themselves. I worry that more of these politicians will join lobbyist sex cults in exchange for crappy legislation. If politicians know that they can accidentally impregnate prostitutes with impunity, our government would collapse.


Clinton Freeman said...

If you have enough clout and you get a whore pregnant, you just kill her.
If you can't pencil it into your schedule, what the fuck is she going to do? (no pun intended)
If she goes to the cops, you can count on the press to make her life miserable.

Take the case at Duke. She's a stripper. They aren't guys who hire strippers.
Keep asking her father questions and anything he says gets used against her. I'm waiting for the father to say she learned to ride a bike and Dan Abrams to say that proves she wasn't raped.
The latest is they are saying she wasn't raped because she says she was raped one before. I didn't know that after you pay for the first cup of coffee, all refills were free. If you get a coupon for a free cup, no ever pays no matter how much gets drunk.

Women lose either way. With access to the pill, they can choose to lose less. That ain't gonna happen. What the fuck are women going to do?

Butternut said...

They've been available over the counter in the US for years now. But where are the cults?! I was promised cults and teen (18+, please) sex! I feel ripped off. Maybe it has something to with all that "doesn't protect against STDs" nonsense they keep telling us.

Technology lets us down again. I guess I'll have to resort to alcohol, emo bands, weed, and social pressure.

Clinton Freeman said...

Butternut, old school hegemony?
Now, that's so 90s.

Misterfitz said...

They promised us sex cults?

I'm still waiting for the flying cars!