Sunday, April 30, 2006

Busted in Colorado

We should be sinking a lot more money into programs like this, where we, as citizens, turn one another in to the police for smoking pot in exchange for cash. In fact, we should do the same thing for all crime. Make snitching pay.

Cops paid each snitch $50 for correctly identifying offending tokers. Phones were ringing off the hook down at the station. Apparently, fifty dollars buys a lot of Top Ramen.


Clinton Freeman said...

Drugs are bad, mmkay.
But look at it this way, they pay $25 million for major war criminals. Do the math. 50 goes into 25 million one half million times.
Instead of finding people stupid enough to break the law, in public, at an annually publicised event, the real money is in encouraging someone to become a terrorist and snitching on them.

Tim said...

There is something creepier and more sinister at work here than someones 17 year old kid finding peers in potheads. With a dark age ahead where the government is nobody's friend, this is like spying on your neighbor to find he's a commie; for cash. That girl in the photo - look at her: she is the evil we are supposed to replace Bush with.

I like her. I cheer for the girl in the photo whose real existence is worthless compared to her representational value for either evil or comedy - run lass! Run for your life!

Tim said...

Almost entirely unrelated but I had to share: headline today shows Bush mugging with his look alike who was featured in Comedy Centrals Dennis Leary Christmas Special - what the headlines DONT show is Stephen Colbert from The Daily Show ripping it up:

Worth the watch. Life imitates art.

Behm-Azis said...

Umm yea I'd snitch on her to get paid. With gas being as outrageous as it is yea that's about half a tank right there? What's the diff between snitching and them making it public and calling it "REAWARD"? None as far as I'm concerned. In the famous words of Big Tigga CTC them come holla at me!

Tim said...

Yo BA,

Crazy you should say that. A bunch of us called in on Big Tigga for getting blunted in the now world famous "Hip Hop Uncencored Volume 3" a few years ago, but due to the number of peeps that dropped the dime on his dumb ass, I only got 16 cent. The upshot is that ramen only cost 16 cent!

Laura Swisher said...

I haven't yet seen the Colbert piece, though I've read what he said. Sweet.

Also, I really like the girl in this photo. I've projected onto her the type of person who's always in a good mood and never says anything bad about anyone. Perhaps a little crunchy, but not in an annoying way.

I think it's creepy that we live in an age where we can't get away with the lies that make modern living bearable. You know, "I was home sick in bed." Then someone produces a map of Mammoth where they located you thanks to GPS tech in your company-issued cell phone.

Tim said...

I like her too - she looks like she's really glad to be there; the best years of her life etc. Somehow, she isn't the villain that the "accused" rapists from Duke are. But someone needs her to be I guess.

Behm-Azis said...

No plroblem Tim, but is Big Tigga of age? Atleast you gotta cheap hot meal out of it. I'm not mad atcha. And tru Swish, the girl in the pic looks like she's just happy to be out in the open and around other people. Entirely too happy for me. My guess is she's already lifted. lol

Clinton Freeman said...

If we're doing Rorschach tests . ..
I'm a clinically depressed, pessimistic, misanthrope and if that is the best life has to offer I'll start to feel blue.

Self medicating only postpones having to deal with real life. Ending the lies that help us barely get by, opens up opportunities for real happiness.
When it comes to making changes that can make life better still, this is just another "opiate of the masses."
Real life is much better. At least, it doesn't make you so stupid.

Butternut said...

For her, I was leaning more trailer trash than crunchy. Maybe because she reminds me of my cousin.

I always marveled at how people would openly admit to using illegal substances in public. For example, Bill Maher on nearly every one of his shows. Strange he hasn't been busted.

Oh, and good luck proving that was weed in her hand. I have a friend that rolls her own cigarettes and they look a lot like blunts. Smaller though.

Tim said...

For the record I have known Mary Jane pretty well for twenty odd years (although we've never been photographed together by cops) - if she's made me stupid I suppose you folks would know.