Thursday, May 04, 2006

Are Rappers Retarded?

Someone in rapper T.I.'s entourage was shot dead this morning, while others just shot. You have to have a really good reason to shoot somebody, right? I mean, someone has to really cross the line to deserve to die. Someone would have to do something unspeakable, like, you know, throw money at you. Here's an account of what happened at a club in Cincinnati from Yahoo News:
Witnesses told the Cincinnati Enquirer that a fight broke out at the Club Ritz when a large group of men became angry that someone was throwing money from the stage during a rapper's performance.

"It was supposed to be for the ladies, but [the money] was hitting the guys in the face," a witness said, "and they were like, 'We got money, so why are you throwing money at us?'"
I'm really interested to see how this plays in court. "Your honor, with all due respect, the money was for the ladies. How could we not chase these guys down in our SUV and kill 'em? They had to know that we had money. We all had platinum grills. Platinum grills ain't for poor people. They're for playas like us with money."

Really? You're going to kill someone who throws money at you?

I think it's time for Pfizer to come out with a pill that suppresses the male ego. That would solve a lot of the worlds' problems.


Tim said...

Ok I have to tell this story:

In 1983 I attended the first ever Fresh Festival in Providence Rhode Island. On the stage that afternoon I saw U.T.F.O., The Fat Boys, RUN DMC, Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Neucleus and Whodini. The civic center floor was cleared down to smooth concrete so kids could breakdance. It was a great time and a great time for Motown. They continued to hold Fresh Festivals and in 1989 I went to one I think was called the "Thanksgiving Day Throw Down" featuring some of the afformentioned names plus Chaka Kahn. Also at this event was a brand new rap group; Public Enemy. These guys wore AK-47's. By this time nobody was dancing. It was at that concert I got punched in the head - squarely and hard, for being a cracker (at least that's what the kid said when he hit me). It wasn't a knock-you-out punch, just a menacing I-could-hurt-you punch. Times had changed. The lyrics had changed. These guys were now 5 years younger than me.

Today I have friends in their mid 20's and they basically grew up after all this had gone down. They grew up with Rob Base and Public Enemy and NWA. Sometimes I try to tell them exactly how much The Bloodhound Gang sucks but they don't hear it. That's ok though because compared to their little brothers and sisters, they have brilliant taste in music. Today's generation of rappers all look like children to me - little kids who got tall too fast and know nothing but how to front. They don't know where they came from, have no idea where they're going, but it means shit because they are going there in Escalades. With big rolls of money and diamonds where teeth should be. They are copies of copies of copies of copies of Legends. To answer the original question "are rappers retarded" I answer thusly; no. They are retarded kids.

Not all of them. But plenty.

Clinton Freeman said...

This all could have been solved, by banning the wearing of hats.
When young guys see grown men disrespected on a daily basis and no one seems to care. It's hard to explain to them that EVERYTHING isn't an insult and even real insults can be resolved in a better way.
If they believe the only options
are to "take it like a bitch" or shooting somebody in the face, you're going to get a whole lot of angry bitches and too many people dieing over stupid shit.

No, Laura, we don't need to suppress the male ego. Both men and women have to both:
1. stop accepting disrespectful treatment
2. learn that they can stand up for themselves without being so destructive towards themselves and others.

Amadeo said...

I have a better idea...when someone throws money, remember that's why you have hands and pockets!

Behm-Azis said...

Aight I consider myself a part of the Hip Hop generation and I can see everyones point on this. If you can put yourselves in their situation growing up in the hood not having much of anything and then making it big with music and them buying all the things they dreamed of having how can you be mad at them?? I know at one point in all of our lives you've been chilling with a friend and a real nice car drove by and you've said "That's my car!" It's a childhood thing. So now to have millions and be able to go out and get the cars, the chains, the teeth the houses and the entourage is just part of the dreams that they had. Granted I never dreamed of chasing anyone down and shooting them for throwing money at me. Yea that's some serious male ego stupid shyt. That's like having a free yard sale for the elderly and keeping everyone else at bay. It's just not gonna happen. I think the rappers have the gift of gab and should front as much as they want to and bling whenever they get a chance and when a little kid comes up wanting an autograph they need to be respolsible and let them know that it's all for the money and keep it on wax, and not take the violence to the streets.

Clinton Freeman said...

Coming from "the hood" and being about the same age as Tim's legends, I can say that I no more want to catch money thrown at me than I would want to catch the thrower's sperm and STD.
I wouldn't get violent, but if standing up for myself means someone might get violent with me I would definitely defend myself.

Too many people believe a person's worth is equal to their wealth. It makes people think they have an excuse for treating those with less like shit.
On top of making other people miserable their behavior leads to their feeling miserable.
The whole rap culture is nothing but insecure, scared, children boasting about how wonderful they are when nobody, especially not themselves, believes any of it.

Tim said...

I don't think everyone who raps is a rapper. There are 8 billion stories to tell now and if you turn your radio on right now you might hear The Black Eyed Peas and the brilliantly constructed rap line "whacha gonna do with all them breasts? All them breasts inside your shirt?" Brilliant. A command of the language and rhythm that simply reeks of fame and fortune. Nah, that sucks. It isn't rapping, it isn't music, it's proof I'm on the verge of being very - VERY old.

Clinton: "can say that I no more want to catch money thrown at me than I would want to catch the thrower's sperm and STD". Classic.

ChozSun said...

I was going to make a joke about how much TI sucks but not when someone lost their life.

Remember, back in day, when MCs used to battle wit-to-wit? Those are good times.

For me personally, it wasn't quite a shock that Biggie or Tupac got shot. They claim to live that life at one time or another. (The whole "by the sword"). What really rocked my world was the death of Jam Master Jay. That still doesn't make any sense to me.

Matthew said...

Rappers are retarded. Or to use the parlance of the times: Rapperz R Retard'ddd

Butternut said...

I have to agree with Clinton. It's all about the hats. A rapper will get 'dissed' and want to 'peel some caps back' or what have you. Now if they weren't wearing hats there would be nothing to peel back! Life ain't nothing but hats and money.

Guns don't kill people, hats do.

I never felt PE was violent. They were angry in a Black Panther social reform sort of way, but not violent. Now NWA on the other hand... that's when I started tuning out and listening to punk and metal. I wish I still had my L.L. Cool J record "Radio" on vinyl. I always shock my friends when I start reciting "Bring The Noise" word for word. Word.

Stay in school y'all 'cause jail ain't no joke.

VagabondLoafer said...

If they want to throw money at someone seems to me they could get together with this guy and work something out.
The Smoking Gun – Suge Knight Down To His Last $11?

Clinton Freeman said...
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Clinton Freeman said...

I guess I'm so old I need to drink Geritol. (Ask your grandma what this means.)

I don't want to over look where the ladies fit into this whole thing.
There's a reason that I never liked most rap music.
When outsiders disrespect the women of a group that's genocide. The group won't exist much longer.
When the mean let the women of the group be disrespect or, even worse, are the ones who disrespect the women that's an act of suicide.
If these guys were so insulted by a misinterpretation that they shot people, why didn't they recognize that what was intend to happen was insulting to "the ladies"?
A real man won't tolerate being treated like a bitch AND he will neither treat women like bitches or stand by silently while other people do.
They sure as hell won't encourage women to accept being treated like bitches nor treat other women that like bitches.

Accordingly, the producers of "Flava of Love" should be referred to The Hague for promoting genocide.

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Behm-Azis said...

Wow this is still goin on? Before I get started let me say that some of yall need to stop by my Blog, read and post at will. Ok, now with women being oh man. To put it simiply, it's all relative. I mean the woman that you see in the rap videos are working, WORKING! So to them it's a job. They go on the set and they know what they have to do and how they have to dress. No one is dragging them out of their homes and calling them hoe's and bitches. They are lining up for auditions for whatever video at the time and getting paid. Now if a dude drives by my house and just calls my daughter a bitch someone please get my bail money ready bc I'm gonna shed blood. Certain women are putting themselves in these situations knowing full well what's expected of them. How can you be sorry for them if they are making bank and aren't feeling sorry for themselves? There is a book out called Confessions of a Video Vixen by Karrine Steffans available in any major bookstore. I've picked it up and glanced through it but I encourage each of you to atleast to the same. See the influence she's had on others. Read about the money and fame she's attained. Not all accounts are good ones but that's life and she tells her account of it like it is. Then tell me you're true feelings about the women who audition for "Flavor of Love"

Clinton Freeman said...

I'm waiting for a new entry from Laura. Commenting on her's takes me a gew minutes. When I'm crafting my own it can take hours. Being a parasite is much easier.

I'm old.
My mom came from a family of ten children and her father came from a family of ten children.
Anytime thing you can name someone in my has done it Real (million dollar bail in the 70s) drug dealers and surgeons.
A Joe Lewis "fight promoter" who Walter Winchell called the biggest crook in Connecticut and his brother who played in the Negro Leagues and became a small business owners.
Government workers, number runners, cops, repeat offends, my family motto is "diversify."
I'm not a snob so I embarrass them all equally, but I'm still old. I mean no offense but ...

Shaking your ass does not make you a dancer and it is not a job. Neither is prostitution. Hell, if that's true let's bring back slavery. It is when black unemployment was the lowerst.

If these women freely choose to shake their ass or spread their legs and get money for it what the fuck do I care, but I don't take when people say they choice to do things that are degrading seriously.
In order to make a choice, you need alterative to choose between.
It's not what they are doing. It's what they could have doing instead.

Tim said...

Laura is taking a day or two off because we're doing fine without her.

I've never heard of that book Bel but I'll say this: anyone who wants to do a quick five minute case study of music video girls will simply google images of Tawny Kittan who in the late 80's was one of the first female icons of music videos and went directly from there down crazy street stoping only once at the corner of rehab and homeless before renting a basement apartment on has-been lane and in fact was on VH1's The Surreal Life recently because it was an acceptable alternative to an entry level position at Krispy Kreme. Ironically Janice Dickenson one time hotty turned escaped carnie also lives near her. And also opted to have her "life" "documented" on the same VH1 television program.

Shaking your ass may or may not be a job, but for sure your ass is a liquid commodity that may not improve with age but instead leave you living in a cartoon telling people who you once "were" wildly brandishing photos of said ass.

Ironically, I think Beyonce is almost if not just as worthless to the female archetype; she is a one trick pony who sings about one thing: how much I want her.

isthisnamefree said...

No. Rappers are stupid. Instead of focusing their time on impressing dumb females and dumb males they never consider if their actions are dumb and pointless. Natuaral Selection is doing it's job well.