Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Buenos Dias, Spring Breakers!

It's official: Amsterdam ain't got nothing on Mexico. Presidente Fox is about to sign a bill that legalizes a host of drugs for personal use. Which drugs, you wonder (unless you've read this in every other news outlet that's written on this)? Well, these ones: Cocaine. Heroin. LSD. Marijuana. PCP. Opium. Synthetic opiates. Mescaline. Peyote. Psilocybin mushrooms. Amphetamines. Methamphetamines.

I checked out a few of the articles on this and I'm liking the one that ran in the LA Times. Many of the articles only mentioned that drugs would be permissible for personal use, but they didn't break it down. The LA Times gives potential Spring Breakers much-needed specifics.
And the per-person amounts approved for possession by anyone 18 or older could easily turn any college party into an all-nighter: half a gram of coke, a couple of Ecstasy pills, several doses of LSD, a few marijuana joints, a spoonful of heroin, 5 grams of opium and more than 2 pounds of peyote, the hallucinogenic cactus.

Got that, students? Don't go to Senor Frogs with a dozen joints in your pocket. Take one or two. Ditto ecstasy pills.

The main problem I have with the article is it doesn't tell you where you can go to procure a personal amount. But maybe this is information you can get from your travel agent.

Am I going to run to Mexico once this bill becomes law? No. I'm going to walk. Because I don't have a drug problem. When I take PCP, I take it in a recreational manner. I'll do a line of PCP with dinner. Unless I'm having steak. If I'm eating steak, I'll do a line of heroin to really bring out the flavor. Obviously, if I'm having fish, coke's the way to go. The point is is that I'm a recreational user. It's great that Mexico is finally recognizing users like me.


Tim said...

Thank God. I hate flying and I always wanted to go to Amsterdam so I could smoke the dank on the streets like a friggen tourist and get mugged and hopefully kidnapped and brought to a remote torture location just like that movie. You remember the one based on "actual events".

Although I do not think a "few marijuana joints" is a unit of measurement traditionally regarded by salesmen of said goods.

Does anyone think this is related to the immigration battles that are going on?

US: "Give us your tired huddled masses and we'll round them up in jeep and deport them.!

Mexico: "Oh yeah, give us your Ambers, your Ashleys and Chads and we'll turn them into junkies during spring break."

I think the ramifications will be insanely evident a number of months after such legistlation is passed.

Phill said...


Clinton Freeman said...

On one hand, using many drugs (particularly smoking pot)is no worse than using tobacco or alcohol. On the other hand, using the same drugs is no better than using tobacco or alcohol.
Gringos get into enough trouble as it is. They don't need this making things worse.
You know no one is going to chalk the whole thing up to Darwinism in action. Instead of the media investigating famine or genocide in Africa, they will tell us in great detail about each time someone remotely associated with the case farts.
Come to think of it, I don't need this making things worse.

Behm-Azis said...

You've GOT to be kidding me?!? How sad cuz you know the spring breakers will be all over this and then a new wave of "Girls Gone Wild the druggie season" will be on sale in the fall.

Behm-Azis said...

"Guy selling DVDs: Crackheads gone wild in New York! Real crackheads, no actors!"

--125th & 7th Ave

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