Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Don't Purchase Used Heart Off Ebay

Now I understand why I shouldn't buy human organs at rock-bottom prices. It's just like my grandmother always taught me: You get what you pay for. In this case, AIDS instead of newfound health.
A New Jersey company, Biomedical Tissue Services, is accused of failing to gain consent to take bones, tendons, ligaments, skin and other tissue from cadavers. The most famous example involved the corpse of Alistair Cooke, the longtime host of the PBS series "Masterpiece Theater." Cooke died of cancer at age 95, and his leg bones were removed and shipped to tissue processors for use in medical procedures.

If I had to have someone's infected organs, I'd want it to be a PBS personality's infection.


Clinton Freeman said...

My sister and I were just talking about this. It was the subject of the FOX show "Bones." Funny thing, I tried to email the article from USA today, but it was just returned undeliverable.
From what my sister tells me a surgeon should be able to tell something is wrong when they inspect the bones.
Also, you don't want Cooke's 95 year-old bones anymore than Elmo's, Barney's, or one of the teletubbies', but the bones from a cooking show or one of the Three Tenors might make good eating.

Butternut said...

I wonder if Pamela Anderson got her boobs from a Hep C infected dead woman?

I wonder if I can get a used hand with the middle finger extended. Especially Elmo's, or maybe Carl Sagan's.

Butternut said...

Off topic: More babies in the news


Tim said...

Check out the caption under the story photo: "Assistant D.A. Josh Hanshaft shows an X-ray of a person's pelvic area with PVC plumbing pipe where bones should be".

PVC Piping?!

Behm-Azis said...

Pvc Piping?!?! C'mon now that's just ridiculous,is it hollow, solid or what? Yea I couldn't imagine thinking I'm going in to have a life saving procedure done and come out worse off than I went in. I have an Uncle that's doin pretty bad from his diabetes and I told him that I'm willing to give him one of my kidneys. He had a kidney biopsy done a few weeks back and they are tyrin to see how soon he might need one. I wonder if family members still have to get on a list to donate to another family member??

maverick said...

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