Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Motherly Adjacent

We know that men are better than women, and that the more men there are on the planet, the better, but Nature doesn't seem to get it. Nowhere is Nature more of an a-hole than in Gujarat state in India, where, thanks to selective abortion, the ratio of births of girls to boys might be as low as 700 girls to 1000 boys.

That's lead to a shortage of eligible bachelorettes, which has prompted an increase in "rental brides." I'm curious if Craigslist India has caught up with the trend and offers a special rent category.

From the article I read:
Atta Prajapati, a farm worker who lives in Gujarat state, leases out his wife Laxmi to a wealthy landowner for $175 US a month, the Times of India reported, citing unidentified police officials.

It's a horrible problem. I just hope the Indians can figure out a solution without resorting to something crazy like leaving childbirth to Nature.


Butternut said...

We could out-source our men. Or maybe work out a lend-lease program with illegal immigrants. Just brainstorming here.

I still think we could out-source our elderly to India. Like a retirement home, but cheaper and with better food. I can't understand old people anyway so non-native English speakers won't have it any harder than I do.

Tim said...

175 bucks a month? Man that's like HALF my monthly winter oil bill and would probably keep me warmer! Do you have a story about a man starved continent of women?

Aaron said...

I'd hit that.