Tuesday, July 25, 2006

First They Come for Zombies, Then They Come for You

"They were arrested for behavior that was suspicious and disturbing." Question: Does "disturbing" now mean "nerdy"? Perhaps the Department of Homeland Security can brief local police officers across the country on the difference between terrorists and zombies. Thank God Comicon didn't happen in Minnesota. How would they have reacted to this grave threat:

"Code red! Al Quaeda suspect is considered armed and extremely dangerous; he's wearing a buccaneer outfit and is accompanied by what appears to be a Minotaur. Like the zombies, be careful if they start dancing."


Tim said...

In order:

The lineup from the article looks at a glance like a reality show cast. And a damn good one.

There is something about dressing up as zombies and partying that I applaud; it's like goth with all caution thrown to the wind.

The cops would arrest the pirate but not the minotaur even though he does more damage per second. Because cops are dumb as the first article illustrates.

In conclusion - would it be great if we could all dress like Dungeons & Dragons? Yes. Yes it would. At least that's the conclusion I drew. But now the image of such a utopia is trumped by the image of me sitting in the townie police station in my home-made cloak and obligatory eye liner.

Butternut said...

Silly Goth kids, when are they gonna learn that the Establishment just doesn't condone that kind of behavior.

They can always dance in a Michael Jackson video, or is he looking for younger zombies nowadays?

Pirates > Ninjas

Funnier if this was on Smoking Gun with mug shots.

Amadeo said...

So then would people dressed as storm troopers be considered a militia? That would make Jedi insurgents, huh?