Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This Girl Is Gonna Get Grounded Big Time

A juvenile girl posted a picture of herself with a marijuana plant on a social networking site that cops found interesting. That pic lead to the discovery of 2000 marijuana plants on the property.

My favorite part of the article is this:
Following the incident, Anderson urged parents to be diligent in monitoring the online activities of their children. “The juvenile in question made no attempt to be secretive about the marijuana. In fact, she had a picture of herself holding marijuana posted to her personal page online,” he said.

To paraphrase, "If you cook meth or grow pot, take pains to ensure your child doesn't post incriminating evidence online."

This is exactly why I will never give my child a camera or a computer. If he or she is a crappy artist, I'll allow drawings. And if one of their mistakes sent me to jail, I'd take away TV priveleges.


Butternut said...

This is why I'll never post a picture of me with midget tranny clown porn in my MySpace account. You never know when it will come back to bite you.

I wonder if that pic of you with Bill G. is ever going to cause you trouble, Laura.

I don't understand why comics, or any celebrity, makes jokes about smoking weed, doing coke, etc. Isn't that just asking for a FBI team to knock on your door? I'm sure Bill Maher never worries about getting busted for all that weed he talks about smoking on his show. It's not probable cause... nah.

Tim said...

I am puzzled by "a social networking site". Aren't like 80% of websites social networking sites? Does a porn site count? How about a webcam site? Hell even filesharing is social networking in some respect.

Butternut bro let us never recreate society to where comics should be afraid to crack jokes because of the friggen FBI. Bush is a retard and as the leader of the "free world" that certainly is bad enough but lets never be afraid of the related comic material for fear of persecution.