Monday, August 14, 2006

Town drives 13 year old kid out of business for violating zoning laws.

That'll teach him!


VagabondLoafer said...

The sign should come down. But, I think the boy should be spared the death penalty.

The sign is permanent, unlike a child’s temporary lemonade stand, which comes down after a few hours. Out in the country, who cares? In a dense residential setting it’s a bit more of an eyesore.

I live in a community where laws governing the posting of signs are strict. If they weren’t the entire landscape would be buried under tons of neon colored business signage advertising everything from light hauling to home loans. Think spam. Imagine the political signs put up in some communities during a hotly contested campaign. Then imagine putting up with that look year round.

I can sympathize with this 13 year old on one level though. Like him, I won’t be able to buy a tank of gas for the car with my summer earnings either.

Butternut said...

"just like a backyard barbecue, which doesn't require an assembly permit, or a doghouse that doesn't need special approval." Gee, thanks Mr. Town Planner for allowing me the priveledge of cooking on my own property or not abusing my pets.

I think the kid needs to fix his sign first. Nite? Either that or he needs a new hobby like flying a kight.