Saturday, September 16, 2006

In Ant Kingdom, No Such Thing as the "White Lie"

Offensive body odor drives ants wild. If Ant McStinky waltzed into a colony after a few drunken nights on the town without having showered, he'd be in trouble. In fact, his fellow ants might devour him. From Science Daily,
The University of California-Irvine researchers changed the ants' smell in their experiment, taking the usual laid-back odor and after tweaking it a bit, transferred it onto test ants.

The new scent offended nearly every other ant there, the researches said. One whiff and they began tearing apart their suddenly strange-smelling comrades.

From the sound of it, it doesn't even seem as if there are any discussions about who should be the one to tell McStinky about his little problem. Maybe that's what we humans should do. Screw the polite, and terribly awkward, approach of pulling someone aside to let him or her know they should perhaps bathe more often. If someone has raunchy B.O. we should just tear them apart. That way people will take greater care about their own hygiene.


Tim said...

Perhaps scientists could conduct this experiment using the commedian known as Ant instead of insects.

Amadeo said...

I can imagine someone sweating and nervous," C'mon man lend me some soap, some deodorant or something, PLEASE!!!" It turns akward social interactions into a bonding activity.