Saturday, September 16, 2006

Waaaay Too Much to Drink


Eddie said...

Long Geek Story

I'm watching the Florida-Tennessee game, my team as usual losing. There's a Dr Pepper commercial rambling on. I'm not really paying attention. A professor says "x is the square root of y, true or false?, Karen." I look up. Karen says, "23?"

No idea what 23 means, sorry DP. Guess you blew those marketing dollars.

I just get a glimpse of Karen. Was that Laura? I tivo it and realize, that's not Laura, it's a second-string, half-baked, ersatz doppelganger. (There seems to be a hell of a lot of those around.)

I tivo it one more time for confirmation when the geek strikes. I wonder, "is she stupid in math too? was it true or false?" I freeze the blackboard and, damn!, the equations are real calculus! I look them over carefully.

According to what's on the board, x = ln(y) [natural log of y]

Correct answer: False.

At my age I shouldn't know crap like that. I'm a geek.

Any way, nice picture, Zaphod.

I'm a nerd too.

Tim said...

It was Laura Smed. In your Doctor Pepper commercial. Im familiar with drinking until I have four eyes but not two noses.

Clinton Freeman said...

Who is "Laura Smed" and is it someone we all should know?

Drinking is not the answer. "The answer is at your fingertips."

What's up with the creepy looking pictures? Anyway you don't look nearly as bad as I felt after trying to answer the final question on Gold Rush.

Clinton Freeman said...

Never mind.

I just read Tim's earlier comment explaining what 'Smed" means.

I just completed the 1st set of stage 2 of Gold Rush in under 30 minutes (5 misspelling the dance - 10 getting it to give me bar for question #1) so I feel smart again and less angry Swish got me hooked.

But I still wonder why a beautiful woman is so bend on posting creepy looking pictures of herself. Laura?

Eddie said...

Addendum to my stupid story

The function y = f(x) itself wasn't on the board. Its 1st, 2nd, and 3rd derivatives were. Overkill; you only need one, but the geek point being that I figured it out from that WITHOUT CONSULTING ANY REFERENCE MATERIAL.

Would have helped if I said that up front.

Laura Swisher said...

Thank you, Clinton. In answer to your question: This is how I look on the inside.

Clinton Freeman said...

I'm not one to question the correctness of another person's feelings, but I'm not sure I understand why you see what you do. It's just not what I would expect.
Then again, those "picture this" puzzles from Gold Rush are kicking my ass (I've spent more time on either of those so far than all the others combined) so I might not be the best judge.