Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just Got In

Back from the "Gold Rush" launch party at Les Deux. Feet are sore from wearing high-heeled boots all night. There was an AOL photo booth set up in the restaurant and I just scanned this pic. It's me and one of the higher-ups. Essentially, me and one of my bosses. Not the greatest pic, but whatever. I think it's time the world know there is a widening gap between my teeth. And yes, I'm starting to develop "crazy eyes."

In addition to drinking some free booze at the party, I did a little gold carpet hosting action. I asked penetrating questions of Mark Steines, Kristin Cavallari, some Rock Star Supernova contestants and Kathy Griffin, who I've been a big fan of. One of the producers I was working with told me she was in pre-production on the film "Last Man on Earth" so my very first question for her was, "I hear you've got a new movie coming out." To which she replied, "Not that I'm aware of. Who's doing your research for you?" Great way to start off an interview. But for the 2 minutes we chatted, she was lovely. She's going to be doing stuff for "Gold Rush" so I'm sure we'll chat again.

This is all my gossip. I am going to work on getting better at "dish." Really, though, it's not my thing.

Must sleep.


Tim said...

Glad you had a good time (monday no less!). You don't post a shitload of "I HAD A GREAT TIME" entries. If you ever get lacking in blog material you could always post a few dozen photos of you in said high heeled boots. Seriously you look like your having a great time in that photo and it ranks with greatests pics in general Lady Humiltiy. Is there a link at the Goldrush site with photos from last nights kickoff gala extravaganza? I thought "crazy eyes" were reserved for lottery ticket junkies who want to know if anyone else is listening when they ask "how many Aces High have you sold since 3pm".

Laura Swisher said...

I actually did have a great time. We don't have a photo gallery up yet but I'm sure we'll be posting some soon.

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