Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Have You Guys Registered to Play?

So "Gold Rush" launches tomorrow. I encourage everyone to play the game and help me remain employed. Not that my job's in jeapardy. Pretty sure it's not. It's more that I want you all to win $100,000. Not because I want you to have $100,000, but because I think you might give me a little bit of it if you win.

All for now.


Tim said...

I checked out the site - the people who've posted comments seem really excited. I am so afraid of AOL though I just peed a little in my pants.

Sean said...

I just registered...only took me 573 times to get a name that wasn't already registered. I need a cigarette now and I don't even smoke.

Wish me luck!


Clinton Freeman said...

I hate you, Laura.
It's bad enough that I'm dyslexic and have poor eyesight. I never let that keep me down. I plugged away at this stupid game, but question 13 takes the cake.
1st, I still don't understand what the question was
2nd, among my random guesses included Mel Gibson, but I was told it was incorrect so I gave up on the down under clue and that it might be a 7
3td, a day and a half later of guessing everything from "Vegas Las" to "skin" I find that was the right answer it was another time I needed to enter the answer over and over until it takes.
From now on I'm gonna be like Bush. I'm going to keep giving what I think is the right answer no matter how many times I'm told that I'm wrong.