Monday, September 25, 2006

KNBC Channel 4 - W&TS Interview Airs Tomorrow

The interview Weezy and I did last week at KNBC for new show Your LA airs tomorrow at noon. Weezy will most likely tape it and have it uploaded to You Tube. She's got tons of video on You Tube of behind the scenes for the podcast, as well as some Cowsills footage that she's taken while doing a documentary on the group.

So if you live in LA and you feel like checking out Weezy & I discussing podcasting with Rachel Boesing, it's tomorrow on NBC.


Phill said...

Can't wait!

Tim said...

Give us YouTube!

Sean said...

Swish you were very funny as usual and was that Weezy wearing makeup?? She looked fantastic. Congrats on that great interview.


Laura Swisher said...

Thanks Sean! Yes Weezy had on make-up. They're good like that over at NBC.