Monday, September 25, 2006

Watch NBC in LA at 12pm on 9/26/06

Jay Leno's Car, originally uploaded by laurajswisher.

Read about it in the previous post. Meanwhile, this picture was taken las t Tuesday on the lot. The tour guides get very testy if you get too close to Leno's car. It was only after this picture was snapped that we were told photos were not allowed. I would not knowingly break NBC policy. NBC is a wonderful network with wonderful shows, including "Your LA". But I also love "The Office" and "ER". Should anyone from NBC read this and want me to appear on either show, I would definitely check my calendar to see if I was free.


VagabondLoafer said...

Bad Laura!
Geez, who do you have to be to get a parking spot closer to the entrance?

Kevekev101 said...

Laura, I wish you would write more. I know you're busy, but what else as I supposed to do at work every night? Yours is the first site I check out when I come in to work.