Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday Morning Coffee

(mundane ramblings of nothing particularly exciting)

My eggs over-easy ended up eggs over-hard, no runny yolk goodness for me this morning. Although my cup of Illy-brand coffee is delicious. I will happily shill for the Illy company because they have great coffee. Also, maybe they will ship me some cans if they see I'm writing about them. Illy? Are you reading this? If you had some extra dark French Roast for drip coffee, I'll totally take it off your hands. Did you guys know that the world of illy is not limited to coffee? Rather it's the place where coffee, culture and art come together. It's a passion for excellence that embraces the beauty and art in everyday life - whether it's the pleasure of a perfect espresso, an exquisite painting, an inspired piece of music or writing, or even a blog entry that steals corporate copy from a company's website. i am illy, and illy is me, because i am art.

So I got a MySpace message requesting I update my blog more. I've been MIA trying to figure out what to do with myself. I finished at Gold Rush last Friday and have been running around doing errands this past week and haven't focused on any kind of written activity. That will hopefully change in the next couple weeks. What else? Taking off for Chicago in a few days for Thanksgiving. Can't go wrong with a visit to Chicago. Treo 650 blues might be over. I exchanged a defective phone for one that appears to work this week and am now text messaging with abandon. My Razr is now collecting dust. Oh, and my Powerbook woes are better as well. If you listen to the podcast you may have learned that I let my year warranty lapse without getting an extended warranty. 4 days after the year warranty expired, my laptop wouldn't boot up properly and the first cost estimate to fix it was $350, which, incidentally, is how much the extended warranty costs. Luckily a Mac genius tried one last test and was able to solve the problem by doing a hard reset. So all my programs etc. were deleted but I saved $350. Ooh, let me plug Apple as well. I dealt with two "Mac geniuses" who both spent 45 minutes to an hour each on troubleshooting with my laptop. They were both helpful and friendly and, in the end, solved the problem without costing me a dime. I even tried to tip they guy $20 but he refused (store policy). I really felt like Apple cared about me. So, Apple, if you want to send me a video ipod or something, feel free.

This was a Swisher ramble. If you've read this far I apologize.


Clinton Freeman said...

Thank you Laura.
Now I don't have to go through detox.

Yogifish said...

Even the Queen of England gets bored once in a while.

don't smoke crack, break your mother's back. Try weed .. no harm no foul :)

Apple is cool .. PC is the !@#$%

Tim said...

I almost got to touch a zune this weekend but the record store girl was mistaken about how many they'd had. Dude you should just have a cheap forum so we could post and you could comment in absense of your primary comment worthy material.

Yogifish said...

...forgot to say.

Happy Thanksgiving Ms. Swisher, it's been fun reading your thoughts :)

Thank You,

James -

Laura Swisher said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Yogifish (and everyone else). Tim, where would I find a cheap forum? I want to update my website so that I actually use it and update it on a regular basis.

Tim said...

I don't know but I'll beat the bushes (I know a few good ones). Something like a forum with user submitted stuff where you are the overlord/diety and appear sporadically but frequently enough - people can post, discuss stuff - like: like sometimes when I read a crazy headline on fark or whatever I want to post about it with you and clinton and butternut and gang of others who read but dont' generally post. Something that maybe gets auto updated - is current and relevant. I don't know. It's like this blog - we log in to see if you've written something, and you check to see if we've written something. Some weeks there is no reason to spend more than 10 seconds on here but it's a great shame because your shit is always good and the comments are always worth reading. But you don't want to become one of these "had grapefruit for breakfast today which as you know is whacked because it's tuesday" type bloggers: something with headlines - I don't know. I blame tryptophan. In truth I hate people who use the word it's so pretentious "oh of COURSE we'll want to relax after dinner - do you know how much tryptophan we'll have consumed oh lol!" Please.

Anyway think about it. It's the difference between having a resume (bio - stat sheet) and being a presence whatever that means.

Laura Swisher said...

Thanks for that. I'm going to make that my New Year's Resolution-finding a way to have an interactive site, which I know is not that difficult, but I haven't put any effort into doing it.