Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tried to Borrow a Baby

Like many others, I was outraged over the news that airline passenger Karen Gral was kicked off her Delta flight for breast-feeding from her seat. Apparently the flight attendant asked her to put a blanket over the kid because the sight of a kid suckling the woman's breast "offended" the flight attendant.

I was naturally thrilled to take part in a protest condemming the flight attendant's actions. Yesterday a breast-feeding sit-in took place at Reagan National Airport and 62 people gathered in support of Gral.

I wanted to be one of those people, but I'm not going to just sit around doing nothing. So I tried to borrow a baby so that I, too, could take part in the breast-feeding. Unfortunately, none of my friends are as progressive as they would lead others to believe. I asked five close friends to borrow their babies and all of them said "no". I tried to explain to them that I would obviously make sure I'd clean my breasts so that there wouldn't be any worry of germs or anything. And they were like, "Why do you have to have a baby?" I finally found a two-year-old to use but that was really awkward.

In any case, this was a real eye-opener to me. I can't count on my friends when I need them.


Clinton Freeman said...

Some things are a little much to ask of even the closest friends.
I don't think I would want my kid used as a prop in a protest. Who knows what might happen after the police break out the teargas and the fire hoses?

Happy Thanksgiving, Laura.

Tim said...

Consider it a tremendous sign of respect madam on behalf of us your faithfull flunkies that your story about being unable to find a toddler to breastfeed for this demonstration did not elicit a single response; voluntary or otherwise - which would make one blush or at least flush pink in the cheeks for a moment with naughtiness except perhaps what might be felt as an undercurrent of this run on sentence which may or may not have anything to do with the pants I'm not wearing or my inability to shake the image of you in search of someone to breastfeed.

Your welcome.

Clinton Freeman said...

It's not that I did have dirty thoughts; I just thought none of them were funny.
I also had scientific questions abut the length of time a baby would suckle a non-lactating breast, but there was nothing funny about that either.
I guess my familiarity with civil protests lead me straight to the image of cops clubbing and using tasers on infants.

Tim said...

I guess your familiarity with civil protests has usurped the penis on the subconcious scale of things important to you man.

Artist/Author Valentino Zubiri said...

I think it would make a better statement if you suckled a baby that is about 61 years old.