Saturday, December 02, 2006

Podcast Fever

I'm discovering that when I have a lot of time on my hands, there are certain things I have trouble doing. For example, getting up off my couch is one of those things. Last night I was all set to go out and get some stage time didn't happen. Instead I played online Pictionary and rediscovered iTunes. The reason I'm rediscovering iTunes is that I was recently given an iPod Nano. I have a regular iPod that I seldom use because of the iPod's horrible habit of malfunctioning if it's so much as jostled. And now that my warranty has expired and I can't send it in to be replaced, I keep it hidden away. But the Nano is so tiny it's perfect to take with me when I go jogging or hiking, and now I need to populate the device with things to listen to. So last night I started downloading podcasts. I checked out Jimmy Pardo's podcast "Never Not Funny", Stand Up Orlando the Comic Strip Live podcast and some others. My favorite was Comic Strip Live's podcast because you can listen to entire sets by solid comedians. Stand Up Orlando is all right as well, but the comics weren't as solid and I'm not that interested in listening to interviews with comedians because, well, that's what happens on Weezy & the Swish. Still, it's a decent podcast and it looks like they're going after comedians across the country as opposed to limiting themselves to the Central Florida region, as they started out doing. Anyway, I wasted much time surfing the iTunes last night. By the way, if anyone knows decent podcasts featuring decent stand-up comedy, lemme know. Oh, also let me encourage any of you to listen to "Walking with Michelle". My pal Michelle Biloon walks the streets of Los Angeles with really funny comics. I'm listening to her walking the Hollywood Walk of Fame with the hilarious Maria Bamford.

Wow. This has been a plug-a-thon. I was going to write about how I had a "Pay it forward" moment this morning in the basement of my building and how a woman burst into tears while petting my dog the other day, but I guess I'll save these stories for today's podcast (with guest Tom Clark.

Also, I'd like to wish everyone a belated Happy World AIDS Day. All for now.


Clinton Freeman said...
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Clinton Freeman said...

How happy can "World Aids Day" really be?
And how can I be expected to keep up with things like that when there's "Ricards' Racist Rantings," "Danny Devito's Drunken Discourse," and "Britney's Bare Bottom" to worry about?
Bono isn't a good enough spokesman for the issue. When a celebrity whose name starts with "A" does something that also begins with "A" I'll pay attention.

Tim said...

It's almost five a.m. I am too old too stay up this late. Laura you are a masterpiece of a woman. Clinton you seem like a great guy and not because you too are bombarded with current events. We all are. Britney's vagina was photoshopped just like my avatar. Neither re-rendered image has enough impact on reality to keep one from taking some joy now and then from things - hell if the fear and paranoia is all vicarious (I'll never meet devito, britney or kramer) then why can't the good stuff. Laura I a complete stranger am glad you exist. And this isn't the booze talking. It's the salminela.

Tim said...

postscript: one of the many side effects of salmonella is that it renders one unable to spell it; as a natural defense against being diagnosed. I do not have salmonella but as a kid I seem to recall it's association with pet turtles. What the fuck is that all about? Podcasts for the win!11