Monday, December 04, 2006

Meth Makers Be Warned

Note to self: Don't purchase ingredients to make meth online. Still, one has to appreciate the can-do spirit of someone who takes matters into their own hands when reliable meth dealers are scarce. A Citigroup executive who pulls in a salary of $250,000 a year at his job was busted for running his own personal meth lab out of his $6000 a month Manhattan apartment. I guess the other thing to take away from this story is not to run a meth lab when you're pulling in $250,000 a year. Here's a question: Will his picture be added to this photo gallery, or is the main difference between him and these other addicts that he has access to Kiehl's moisturizing products?


Tim said...

In 1980 I was in 7th graded and our gym teacher ("PE" - I cannot imagine what they call it nowadays) gave us a virtual course on drugs with the idea that "you're going to run into drugs in your life - best to know what your looking at in the event you should get curious." Her name was Ms. Roslynd. Man I'd still do her. Anyway it was a good sound approach (also it was still essentially 1975) but I kept the philosophy and am "proud" (I guess) to say I've never tried Heroin and never even laid eyes on Meth. I have however seen those faces of meth people in northern california and they are a truly - TRULY fucking scary bunch. One third human and armed to the teeth. Crack is whack people! Although a little mary jane in my experience doesn't lead to open sores all over the body. This post had no flow to it but I'm really glad to see you posting frequently lady Swish.

Bottom line: Meth is not something you can "try" at a party. The blonde girl in photo 11 of that faces of meth site - I probably had a crush on her in 9th grade. Feels like snow here in CT today.

/end ramble

Yogifish said...

Ya got to love us humans. It's not enough for us to be alive, we got to get high out of our minds on crap that destroys our good looks.

Never mind the brain cells that are destroyed, who would be vain enough to care about that, but how we look.. now that's a morale sin to mess with.

*Just another Note: If they were ugly to begin with, would we really care after the fact? humm ...

It just goes to show you, no matter how much money you educated you are.. or how high up you live ... and idiot will always be an idiot.

Thank God for the idiots...who else would we have to laugh at.

P.S. - we laugh with comedians :)

Butternut said...

This makes my Espresso machine look tame. I guess No-Doze is no longer the drug of choice for students. At least he can afford a good lawyer. Shouldn't be that bad if it was for personal use and not dealing.

"PE" - is now called "not funded". Have a Big Mac instead.

I still prefer antihistamines and El Coyote margaritas for my cheap high. Wheeeeee!

Laura's free time is our gain. The couch is our friend.

Clinton Freeman said...

I blame the terrorists.
My sister has a penthouse across from NYC City hall which she got when they started improving the area in the 90s.
In the 70s and 80s (before Staples, etc.) I used to go to that area to buy things like Flair pens cheap. Back then that neighborhood was known for 3 things because it's so close to Wall Street, many courthouses, The World Trade Center, and City and Federal Buildings: office supplies, prostitution, and drugs.
After 9/11 a lot of development money went into the area and accelerated the "clean-UP." If it hadn't been for the terrorists that poor guy might have been able to find his "cracker-crack."