Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How to Destroy the Jews

And by "destroy the Jews" I don't mean "destroy", as in "eradicate" or "wipe them out", I mean "support". Sorry if the title of this post misled you in any way. Sometimes, in order to spark a dialogue, we write the opposite of what we mean. I got a lot of heat last week when I wrote an article entitled, "How to Make Your Very Own Improvised Explosive Device and Set it Off in Such a Way as to Inflict Maximum Damage to Innocent Civilians." It was really an article about how to keep your family safe through vigilance and proper dental hygiene, but some folks got nervous and sent a tip in to the FBI to have me investigated. I've definitely learned my lesson: One must choose one's words wisely. That's it for me today. I'm going to grab lunch and poison some immigrants. Bye!


Butternut said...

Laura eats babies.

By "eats" I just meant "loves them so much she could just eat them up". Sorry for the misunderstanding. I am putting this mistake behind me and moving on. Why are you bringing up old stuff?

Laura eats Jewish babies.

Yogifish said...
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Yogifish said...

So let me get this straight..

When Rev. George Bush said he wanted to "Liberate Iraq", he really wanted to help the Jews. Now it all starts to make sense.

So what does "Equal Opportunity" in America really mean. Anything thing to do with helping the Jews too? Humm...

Tim said...

Ah he gets 15 seconds of fame.

Incidentally Aqua Teen Hunger Force is some funny ass shit.

Thank you.

Clinton Freeman said...

Laura never says the opposite of what she means.