Wednesday, March 07, 2007

7 Year Old Narc

Every so often it's important to share "precious" stories like this one about a 7 year old girl who called 911 to report elderly abuse...of cards. It seems she felt her grandfather was cheating at cards and decided to report him. When officers came to the scene, the grandmother explained what had happened and everyone had a nice laugh. What the news story didn't mention was that grandpa not only cheats at cards but runs a meth lab out of a Winnebago in his back yard. Granddaughter's too selfish to report on a crime whose reporting might benefit the greater good, but one questionable draw during a Crazy Eights game and it's "Call the authorities!" That kid makes me sick.

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duboisist said...

Does this mean my cat keeps walking on the keyboard whenever I won't let him out because he's trying to email the ASPCA?