Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tech TV Reunion

I apparently missed the Tech TV Reunion panel by one day here in SXSW, but I was not too late to share some beers and a cheese platter with old friends. I landed in Austin yesterday and my goal this week is to see as many movies and bands as I can. I am failing already. I had plans of watching a documentary this morning at 11am but sleep won out. So my new goal is to make it out of my hotel room by 1pm to catch Helvetica at 1:30pm today. As you can judge from the title, it's a documentary about typography and I'm hearing it's really great even if you're not a graphics geek (which I'm clearly not).

The high point of my trip thus far is that I now know my sleep number! It's 25. I'm so happy the hotel I'm staying at has the Sleep Number Bed because I felt so left out every time I'd hear those commercials.

Um, this has been a generic posting. Apologies. Have to get out of here and see some flicks.


Pierce said...

As I feared. It looks like you aren't going to get any comments on this post until you give Comic Sans equal time.

Yogifish said...

Enjoy yourself Laura :)

You need to be in a movie yourself.