Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Website Design

As you may or may not know, I've been meaning to do something with my website for ages now. A friend of mine whipped up a new design for me. It's super basic, but I wanted to get yer thoughts on it.

You also (the few people who still check in to this blog) may have noticed my infrequent postings. I'm starting a new job on Monday and will be relocating to a new city (listen to the podcast to learn which one) this weekend. And I'm doing a story for Reelz tomorrow. If you get Direct TV, go ahead and Tivo "Dailies" to see my heartwarming interviews with Shia LeBeouf and Jon Heder.

Thanks in advance for any website feedback you care to throw my way.


proteon said...

I approve. I like that it's not flash intensive and basically acts as a directory to your online geographies. Thumbs up. Moving to a new city - how exciting! Best time of year for such a thing. Now in taurus of this pig year with the winter finally leaving having overstayed it's welcome. No matter where your going spring will kick ass. Keep us posted!

Tim said...

That's me - I haven't posted in so long I forget myself. Seriously good luck with the move and new job. Your star will keep rising and I'll tell folks "I wrote on her blog dude like WAY before you even SAW her!!!!" Then they'll be all like "nuh-UH!!" and I'll be all "Step OFF!!" - then I'll show them your blog and this post and shit and they'll be all "you posted TWICE with DIFFERENT LOGINS BWAHAHAHAHA!" and I'll be all "omg WHY am I writing this" - no wait.

Good luck Lauar! Laura too!!

DanHugo said...

Blog design, subtle
Blog author, awesome
Move to SF, good?

I have heard your podcast (only one, but I just found it the other day) and I should listen to the most recent one, but I'm hoping you'll get to do some comedy at some point... that would be worth a trip up there [from the 408...].

Good luck!

VagabondLoafer said...

I'm not too crazy about the large Blogspot, MySpace and Flickr logos running down the middle of the page. Obviously the W&tS logo is fine. If your intention is to limit content here and redirect visitors to these other sites, I might not change anything. I do like the look.
Hope your new digs come sans hydrothermal issues.
Good luck!

R. said...

I approve of the new site because it's not flash crazy. It's simple and clean which is a good thing. With every site I click on today it seems like before I reach the main page I have to battle through so many flash intros and glossy ads. The icons are fair in size, not to big. The only problem I have is when I do visit your page I'm greeted with two middle fingers. Come on Laura, is that really a good way to greet your loyal fans and guest? Good luck on the new job.

Butternut said...

As a long time Swish blog reader I know the magic equation: No blog posts = Laura is busy working. I like to read your posts, but I'm even happier to know you're getting good work!

Reelz is channel 238 on DirecTV. They don't appear to be tagging the show as "first run" correctly so my Tivo wants to record 10 a day on the Season Pass. Bleh.

I gotta admit I'm not too happy about your move since I know WATS is going to suffer. But that's me being selfish and I'd rather give a positive "GO LAURA!" instead. Weezy and the Cease was a pretty good show though.

I've been reading Laura's blog since she used her birth name of "Swisherberg".

I LOVE the new page. Especially the two pics. Make sure you get the older Coke and Snickers pics in there too. Classic. I was, as Weezy says, literally laughing out loud at the pics. The '.net' tagline rules. I was just talking to my friends about how lame .net and .org are. .gay

Technically, don't use pictures for text. They won't translate, you can't copy/paste the text to your friends, etc. The separators are really weird and break up the flow of the page, ditch 'em. I agree that keeping the page simple is best, plus you don't have to maintain yet another site! I'd like a bio and maybe a professional sort of "contact" page for gigs or jobs. The rest can just be links like it is.

Go Laura!

Seaners said...

Congrats on the new job Laura! I subscribed to a bunch of CNET feeds already.

I like the look of the website. I hope the photo gallery gets put back up in the future.

There is one design flaw that shows up when viewing your site on extremely wide monitors, the last image is side by side with the text image. If you throw a break tag between the two images, that should fix that.

You Go!

YogiFish said...

Great .. way to go lady, have all the fun you can.