Sunday, August 05, 2007

Not at All Cute

This would be adorable if the pug weren't sitting in MY suitcase.


R. said...

A Kodak Moment

tankboy2902 said...

Leave Ethel alone, she's beautiful. Gorgeous, in fact. Now, if subsequent pictures reveal she's crapping in your luggage I'd reconsider her status, but as for now she is absolutely adorable sitting in your suitcase.

Put her in a Parade magazine cute photo contest. She'll pull in a few bucks for you.

If you actually do have any pictures of her turds in your suitcase, I'll buy those. Not saying anything, but I know a guy.

Tim said...

Ah the pug. My folks have had a few - still have one in fact (Lydia - do they all have better-than-human names or what). I was going to tease you about the lack of bright colors in your travel wear when it occured to me I have popcorn in the microwave. Travel safe hey.