Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Wants to Sh*t on Grey's Anatomy

As many of you know, the fall television season is upon us, which means it's time to get serious about watching TV. No more plopping on the couch to "see what's on". No. A LOT is on, and sometimes two shows worth watching are on AT THE SAME TIME (Heroes / Worst Week)! This week found me double checking my Tivo to ensure I was able to record some of my favorite shows that debut this week: Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Grey's Anatomy, ER and The Office. As always, "Big Bang Theory" and "Two and a Half Men" can suck it. I will say, however, that I was delighted to see Duckie this past Monday morning at a Studio City Starbucks. My point is, with all these new shows to watch, I have to carefully plan out a schedule that successfully balances TV and my social/work life. And guess what? I succeeded! I totally came up with a schedule that worked for me. That is, until McMelanoma threatened to destroy it.

It's bad enough that McCain had to reprise his 1980s role as Corporate Enabler to help create another economic disaster, but does he have to ruin my Friday night plans as well? Because this Friday is the perfect night for a debate. There's nothing else on TV and I had made plans to watch them with friends.

Now he wants to postpone the debate so he can "address the financial crisis" (read: hide from the American people). Great. Looks like I need to find new plans for Friday. Then I see a that he might want to reschedule the first presidential debates for October 2nd. But that's when the vice presidential debate is scheduled. It's also the second new episode this season of "Grey's Anatomy". WTF?!

Look, I get that having the Hottest Governor from the Coldest State as one's running mate has its down sides, but that's no reason to punish me . Of course Sarah will say something embarrassing, and look like she's out of her depth. That's what happens when one is out of one's depth.

I guess I was hoping that McMelanoma's horrible decision making wouldn't have such terrible consequences until after the elections, if, in fact, he's elected.

McCain shit on my "Grey's Anatomy". He better not ruin "Californication" night for me.


FifthDream said...

Ugh. Thanks for reminding me that Earl/Office, Smallville, and Survivor are all on at the same time yet again this year. And tonight, that adds up to five hours of television. Good thing i have two VCRs and a DVR now, so i can watch them all. I *think* that's a good thing, anyway.

Greg said...

A lot of channels are including episodes on line (check out so don't despair. And while we're at it, since the Grey's premiere is tonight, here is a little something from the web to get you in the mood

Butternut said...

I'm so pissed. My Tivo just went on the fritz last week. It stopped recording most shows in my huge Season Pass list seemingly randomly. I don't know what's wrong, but I missed a lot of vital programming last week.

I ... I can't go back to manually adding shows! That's just so barbaric.