Monday, September 01, 2008

The Proof Is In the Pudding

Abstinence only education is the most effective way to prevent teen pregnancy, which is why we need to support politicians who don't want young people to know what birth control is.


A. Yzsaakc said...

Her bristols are gonna get huge!

tankboy2902 said...

I have no problem with people playing out their personal soap operas according to their own script, but doing it on a world stage in the middle of a shitstorm can't possibly help reassure the peasants that things will get better at some point. Nero, at least, provided some elevator music during his conflagration, but the ugly three-ring circus that the current election cycle is turning into is a cunning array of stunts that hopefully the American public skips buying tickets to. A quick, critically-panned run that closes on the third night. Not the fourth year when the theatre is burning down.

The pregnancy doesn't really matter (it does but it doesn't, but that'd be a way long post), but the Republicans always seem to come up with convenient distractions, diversions, or Elvis sightings when needed. I don't mean to be evil, conniving, or distrustful (thanks for the lessons, Dick!), but what's going on that we don't/should know about?

Finally, no where is it mentioned if the GUY wants to get married. No guy wants to get hitched at 17, or in this case hitched, bridled, saddled, broken, rode hard, and put away wet ("When they said they were going to 'shoe me' this is not what I had in mind!"). If I was the kid I'd milk this and hold out for a cushy gobmit job (Provider of Ice Cubes to the Governor). Something where he can't do too much damage, like at FEMA. Undersecretary In Charge Of Levis. He makes sure the President has plenty of clean, freshly-pressed long-sleeve white shirts and jeans for photo ops at disaster sites. Like standing atop the rubble of the World Trade Center (9/11), walking through debris-strewn neighborhoods (Hurricane Katrina), or clearing brush in Crawford, Texas (Russia invades Georgia). And, conveniently for the powers that be, he can take the fall if the levees fail. "LEVEES!?, you said LEVIS!, you SONOFABITCH!" Too late.

Do the Republicans know it's bad luck for the bride to see the groom's broken kneecaps before the wedding?

Shotgun wedding: matter of wife or death.